Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Change and Continuity

I've noticed a climb in the number of visitors to Vardo For Two in the last few days, and wondered what might account for the traffic.  Then it occurred to me, perhaps folks are using the MCS calendar girl calendars, and there I would be "November."  I chose to be the November calendar woman because I celebrate a solar return mid-November, and it's always nice to have a reason to celebrate coming to Earth.  Seems like such a long time since that project became.  If indeed the calendar is bringing new visitors that would be a good thing.

Those who are new to our blogs, there are ventures posted here that chronicle life with MCS and the challenges that try the metal of a human's soul.  Two years of postings include the formidable reality of life that changes when 'being out of control' is the mantra of the day/night/week/month/year.  Solutions and support come at different times and in degrees or leaps.  Always, the choice to remain hopeful varies.  Though I write from other places now, it is always heartening to see the Vardo for Two draws the attention of those who might be seeking hope, inspiration, connection.  Vardo For Two was written to tether my hope to a universe of unseen others who may or may not relate to the daily life of wanderers, homelessness by most standards, yet resilient and creative in our methods of staying alive and hoping to regain a sense of innocence, again.

MCS is for me an illness and a soul-storm that has blown the leaves off my limbs (more than once) and as that storm has bore me naked there is my soul of origin and faith springs.  We human beings may be in a place in our history when the capacity to mourn, grieve and move through life more human (if that is possible) because so many of us are humbled by whatever ails us.  Secretively enduring what ails because there is the shame of frailty or illness is common.  I have endured. 

Our Vardo for Two has served as a seed of hope from which Pete and I craft a new sort of life.  Growth springs from the vardo, and this winter is a season of staying where we are ... a very new world this winter.  We built a tiny safe space to re-learn our place on Earth.  The process is laborious and the relationships that end or start during this process are unpredictable.  I hope those who come here out of curiosity will find something in the pages of the blog to fuel our journey.  There are more than one blog to explore from Vardo for Two ... perhaps something there will spark something of value.

It's All Souls Day.  Blessings to all souls still in the flesh and others who watch us all and forgive us our sins,