Friday, November 14, 2008

Building the Vardo: Wiring for electricity, anchoring details, "builder guys", roof prep

Electrical outlets: We are wired for electricity; the outside box pictured below will allow us to 'hook-up' as an RV and/or attached to a main house when we share space and electricity with family and friends.
As a special MCS note, there will be two outlet inside the VARDOFORTWO. They are purposely wired as far away from the sleeping space at the opposite wall. We will use an infrared electric heater and an Austin Healthmate Jr air purifier. Lights will be minimal and magical. Tiny fairy lights (yup, white Christmas lights) will rim the ceiling and one or two small lamps ought to give as enough gentle light otherwise.
The picture above shows the anchoring details used to
bolt the cross members in the roof; also the string and tie approach to checking angles and cinching uprights as Pete put the roof together.
The builder guys: Pete and Max (our window maker) with JOTS who must be in heaven there in his arms.
The roof framing is pau. If you look closely you'll see the hurricane clips that secure the roof to the upright framing. The first glimpse of our front porch starts to show up.
There she is all framed up.
And, the Old Gods have added their blessings to the building of VARDOFORTWO.
See the Ki (ti leaves) at the corner? Each of the four trailer corners wears a group of three ti leaves. Good luck and acknowledgment: we are part of it all. Mahalo

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