Friday, January 30, 2009


It's a girl! I feel born again, fresh and positive. Last week's Dream Coming True post was a long one. Today's is a short one.

THIS WEEK I HAVE $409,600 of DREAM MONEY which I invite our readers to spend on collective, collaborative, community projects.

Here are a few ways I'd spend and save A PORTION OF THAT DREAM MONEY:

1. Tithe 10%: $40,980 on supporting people I know personally who could use an interest free loan. Remaining $: $369,000

2. Save 10% of the reminder: $36,900 in a Saving Circle Model of Community Building
Remaining $: $332,100

3. WHAT COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY PROJECTS would you like to create with the remaining $332,100 of DREAM COMING TRUE MONEY?


1. I appreciate transformation.

2. I appreciate prayer.

3. I appreciate Jane Austin.

4. I appreciate love.

5. I appreciate hot showers.

6. I appreciate Hawaiian music.

7. I appreciate laughter.

8. I appreciate new beginnings.

9. I appreciate sweet dreams.

10. I appreciate Pete.

Have you tried a weekly dream coming true commitment? How's it for you?

'OLE DAYS BEGIN TOMORROW, SATURDAY and last for FOUR DAYS ... a great time for reflection and review of the things, beliefs, projects that you have already begun; not the greatest time for new projects and 'big decisions.' As per the practice, we'll be back after 'OLE DAYS.

A hui hou, take care. Mokihana and Pete

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Dear Friends,

When I made the change to the look of our blog here at VARDOFORTWO I wrote about the need to move things around, like I had done in homes with foundations attached to the Earth. I chose a different template after 100 posts, and now there is this gentle green background, like a coat of fresh 'none-stinky' paint. My instinct to move things is hot wired into me, and I've nurtured it with learning and practicing the ancient art of Feng Shui as I understand it. I used my usual re-view and reflection times during the last `Ole Days and added a day to consider what is happening with me. Things in my life was changing -- my body symptoms are different, perhaps in response to the movement of 'things' like the change in the blog background, and the shift in energy I use to keep the posts written. Perhaps there are additional influences. At any rate, I know my attention is needed.

Today I read an article and interview by Jenny Mannion. It has been a while since I'd been to her website. Like the small changes to the blog, that interview has reinforced the actions I'm taking; my shift in focus. "I'm taking time for a health opportunity." I read that quote in the article and it immediately ring my bell (not the ringing in my ears). That is JUST what I'm doing now. My body, mind and spirit are asking for my attention. After reading Jenny's interview I felt a clear and positive GOOD NEWS SIDE to my body's messages.

So, as you come to visit VARDOFORTWO please know the posts may be sporadic or shorter for a time, how much time? I'm not sure. Some projects have slowed, but oh there's a whole lot of shak'n going on. For more on Jenny's interview please click here, it might be the sort of good news you're after. My daily musings and ponderings go on over at Makua O`o as well, with space for silent retreat and spiritual reflection. If you like, the week-ends at Makua O`o offer a place to comment and share your own spiritual musings.

Thanks for being here to share the journey, Mokihana

Small bits in a day = life

It's sunny, and there's no snow today.
The sunflower seeds sprinkled on the sidewalk have sprouted (lucky birds!)
There's a fillet of salmon baking in the toaster oven for lunch.
Pete is tinkering on the windows inside the vardo.
Jots is snooz'n.
Mokihana's writing bits and dabs.
The air has cleared.
Scout the car needs a bath.
Joel is safe after his house in Lynnwood burned; he's moved in upstairs.
The Lunar New Year, The Year of the Ox has begun.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

BUILDING THE VARDO: One more time ... the roof

Pete, I think, could have been a mail man, or a pony express rider! Snow, hail or rain it don't stop my man. WHAT IS HE DOING? Ah, this man is walking his new roof template to our home in the making.

The search for a new roof is a journey of a (nearly) thousand steps. Pete has rebuilt a template for the new roofers to view as they prepare new bids.

Leslie Lawrence has given us a great lead to a product called GRACE ULTRA a rubber like weatherized underlayment that will go over the plywood dome cap, and provide a moisture barrier between the metal roof (of a material yet to be determined). I have tested the GRACE ULTRA and I do okay with it.

It's still very much winter, waking to WEHAVESNOWONTHEGROUND! A dusting of it, with temperatures in the high twenties.

Hope you are cozy and well where ever you be. A hui hou, Mokihana and Pete

Friday, January 23, 2009


It's been almost three months since I began writing my weekly DREAM COMING TRUE posts. So much has happened in three months, and as part of my intention to give VARDOFORTWO a 'new look' I thought it a good idea to review the purpose and process of my abundance attracting weekly ritual. The inspiration to do Dream Coming True came from Akemi Gaines, a friend and fellow blogger who has influenced me in positive ways. Similar to the practices of visualization and VISION BOARDS, tools to focus a person's attention on specifics, Dream Coming True was a way for me to grow a dream of building a new life through this blog, and in VARDFORTWO the tiny mobile home.

Once a week for 11 weeks I wrote a post which included 4 STEPS:

1. I STARTED WITH THE SYMBOL OF ABUNDANCE: $100. This was (and still is) in my treasure box. The idea was to use this symbol to attract more abundance. Abundance could be in the form of money, or other forms of wealth. That is where I may need to become more clear.

Just what are the forms of wealth that matter to me? I will use this post to focus on the answer to that question.

2. EACH WEEK I decided and clearly envisioned, and then described how I would spend my Dream Money. If my money was to be spent on an item or object, I described this item as clearly as possible.

Each week I posted, the previous week's DREAM MONEY DOUBLED. Here on the blog, my weekly dream money increased until I had $102,400 in dream money to spend. By this time my focus was changing I sensed that my heart-felt goal was not just to have more money. I was seeing that I changed from spending money on things for me, ie. beautiful moon shaped earrings (which I have) to spending this money on things we NEEDED for the vardo, or on ideas for collaborating with others. I was also finding that I wanted to save part of this dream money. As the reality of a changing economy became more and more a public reality, I felt the need to include SAVING as part of my Dream Coming True Ritual.

In the past week one of our friends who lives with MCS and is very interested in our journey with VARDFORTWO asked, "I see that this money you are stashing is growing every week. Do you have backers who do this? We need to talk about how you're doing this." She envisions creating an MCS community of safe homes. THERE! The difference between DREAM money and REAL money was not clear to her ... she simply saw the money growing and was following the abundance. AMAZING ISN'T IT? The truth is that original $100 of perfume-stinky twenty dollar bills is right where I put it. Have I failed to grow money-abundance? Let me continue with this story ... it has a life of its own and I'm curious to see where it ends.

The abundance I get from my friend's question and growing curiosity about how that 'money' was backed is in the fact that she sees us as real change agents. With or without the DREAM COMING TRUE MONEY, I see the potential to create and organize communities using the abundance of believing in something big and good. The process of collective energy is the wealth. Pete and I have gotten this far in our journey to creating a transforming life with real money that was earned and invested in years past. We have been on the move for a decade and earning a wage through full-time employment hasn't happened for a long time. We have no debt, live simply, and realize our future depends upon the relationships we create today. MCS offers minute to minute challenges that defy understanding by most of the culture. How we attract the experiences and people to co-create income/abundance/resources is by slowly and regularly making progress IN THE DIRECTION OF THE DREAM. Here on VARDFORTWO, the wall between truth and imagination glazes like heat waves in the desert. What is a mirage today could be a vardo encampment tomorrow.

3. This third part of the DREAM COMING TRUE WEEKLY Ritual is probably my favorite, and maybe most important piece. Every week I make a list of 10 people/things/experiences/etc. for which I am appreciative. It's a list of things I love, and is distinctly different from a list of gratitude. Each time I wrote my APPRECIATION LIST I consciously recalled the reason I decide to APPRECIATE rather than be GRATEFUL. When I appreciate, I am living with the energy of being in love with, being in the field of love. I have no fear that this person/thing/experience may not be there next week ... that would be gratitude, tinkering with the energy of remembering when there was lack. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for many things ... and use the G word often enough in a given day. It's this once a week ritual of writing an APPRECIATION that exercises my attention to be in love with the world I have NOW. Listing and giving thanks to the people, places, sounds, experiences that fill me abundantly says to the Universe ... give me more, bring it now, I AM IN LOVE WITH ALL OF THIS.

4. DOING IT. Writing this weekly post 'DREAM COMING TRUE'. See, this ritual has given me a time and space to practice a weekly committment to identify, name and put done in writing the changes that make me more attractive to the future I dream. This blog gives me a way to do this ritual of abundance attraction differently than I have done it before. Writing on paper, cutting and pasting pictures from magazines are a no-go for me. My sensitivities direct me to other methods ... and so there you are. What are the forms of wealth that matter to me? Money is a means to freedom, someone said that and that is true. And then there is collective freedom and that requires something that looks more like learning, sharing, and loaning. Less surplus, more creativity.


THIS WEEK I HAVE $204,800 of DREAM MONEY which I invite our readers to spend on collective, collaborative, community projects. HOW WOULD YOU SPEND THIS MONEY TO CREATE COLLECTIVE FREEDOM? Leave your ideas in the comments.


1. I appreciate time to grieve.

2. I appreciate the sound of waves lapping.

3. I appreciate the sound of whale song.

4. I appreciate moments of silence.

5. I appreciate forgiveness.

6. I appreciate deep sleep.

7. I appreciate clarity.

8. I appreciate the taste of grape juice.

9. I appreciate the chants of the Benedictine monks.

10. I appreciate Pete.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Less is more

Pete's researching stainless steel for use inside the VARDOFORTWO. I'm turning inward, looking at my emotional and spiritual health. If you're interested in that part of the journey please spend time at MAKUA O`O or Sam and Sally

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BUILDING THE VARDO: Dipping into the reservoir

Pete and I are re-thinking things. The weather has slowed hands-on work. As our friend Leslie Lawrence says about the work on their tiny homes in progress in Bend, Oregon there are things that just have to be done a bit later. For us three pieces need re-thinking:

1. The copper roof that didn't get done turns out to be the best thing that could have happened. After Nick's shop burned Pete has been talking and working with other metal workers and roofers. According to them the design we were working with would have buckled and warped with heat and contraction. A different approach needs to be taken. Pete's working with new roofers now.

2. The inside walls. As beautiful as wood is, the potential for a sensitive reaction to the oak/milk paint/finish separately or in combination are high. Our first priority inside the VARDOFORTWO is as clear and safe a haven as possible. We're starting to explore stainless steel walls. Airstreamish inners for VARDOFORTWO?

3. Insulation. We may go back to using the denim batting covered with Denny Foil, especially if we go with stainless walls.

4. The floor. Instead of oak flooring we're thinking tile. For the same reason as I've written in #2 for the walls ... tile would give a clean and clear surface if we wisely choose the subflooring, grout and adhesive.

We'll see where this thinking takes us. Wish us well.

Mokihana and Pete

Monday, January 19, 2009

POST 101: A new look


VARDOFORTWO has a new look. A 'minima' look (it's the name of the template I've chosen) to begin post # 101. When we lived in homes with foundations attached to the earth I was a room changer ... that is I'd shift the furniture, pictures, do-dads around. Pete never knew what he'd find when we came home from work at night. I've loved doing that in my past lives, and now life is a little different. So, I thought a change on the blog could substitute. Hope you like it.

My internet fast and recouperating time has been good. I am feeling less jittery, a bit more restored, and there are things I can do a little differently as I move forward with life and the world of blogging. I began blogging with usual zeal and determination, the sort that has been characteristic of my decisions throughout my life, and before I knew it I had written more than 100 posts (on three blogs) in less than four months. Like my fav astrology said today on her blog, 'it's the way I comb my hair' and what would you judge the way a gal combs her hair? What I did discover as I combed my hair during my internet fast and recoup time is ... some topics fry my wiring, not because they're BAD, rather they fry my wiring because it sends my anger-and-outrage meters over the top. And, for a gal already living with a system over the top from x,y,z,a,b,c and d ... at sixty-one years in this body, I need to part my hair on the other side for awhile.

Being an activist is righteous work, and necessary to the balance of things. I have done more than my share of it. For now, I need to let some issues and battles be fought by others. Pete and I have so much on our plate, and in our soup bowls already. Finishing VARDOFORTWO as a safe and liveable home is a big job. So, as as I write Post #101 with a new look to the blog, I practice a bit of the Zen Habit (thanks for the reminder Leslie) and simplify my focus here on VARDOFORTWO. I need to stay away from the "P" word ... I'll not even write the word out. I know there are capable sisters and brothers out in the blogsphere who are communicating the issues that affect EARTH and ALL THAT IS, and they are raising A GRAND STINK ABOUT IT I GOTTA TELL YA! Thank you all for your work and your energy. The shift for me may be subtle or dramatic, I am not quite sure how it will play out. You decide for yourself as VARDOFORTWO the blog evolves. I will listen with my whole self and see how I hear.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities manifests in each of us in different ways, and in as many different ways, we are activated to be a model for change. I recently asked a sister blogger and MCSer how activitists sustain for the long haul ... activitists for any number of reasons ... I think we came away with no answers. Perhaps the answers will come as I continue my journey to be at peace with my nature, and my journey. It's nice to be back.

Mahalo, Mokihana

Thursday, January 15, 2009

'OLE DAYS ... Thurs, Friday, Saturday

I especially need these re-view and re-new days. As on all 'ole days I will not post anything new here at VARDOFORTWO or on our other blogs. I may need more time to recharge even further ... one day at a time, re-connecting with CENTER. See you when I'm able.

Take good care, malama pono kakou,


p.s. THIS IS OUR 100TH POSTon VARDOFORTWO. I notice how other bloggers often view their 100th post as a landmark, an event to recognize and celebrate. Thanks to all of you who've come to check us out, comment, wala`au. YIPPEE!!! It's certainly an amazing process, blogging is. Like everything, in balance, it works toward good.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BUILDING THE VARDO: Calling for a new roofer etc.

Good morning,


If you've been following VARDOFORTWO you know that Nick the roofer Pete was working with suffered a set-back last week. His shop burned to the ground. Pete spoke with Nick yesterday and learned it was the roofing business attached to his that was the source of ignition. Lots of flammables over there. So Nick and his family have a lot to re-consider, and it sounds like they will be re-building the shop. He sounds like a fine fellow, Nick does, I never met him. He recommended other metal workers, and asked Pete to promise he'd come by when VARDOFORTWO with roof in place was complete.

In the mean-time Pete is shopping around again finding copper sheet prices, getting roof plans re-drawn (originals went up in the fire), and talking to metal workers including his brother, Bill whose a welder on Maui.


We have samples of the Latitude wool insulation. I'm not sure of my reactivity to it ... at this time my body is reacting to a lot of things I was 'okay' with. This is the condition that makes MCS such a tricky illness. Re-setting my internal sensory network is tender work and takes patience. Costs are becoming more an issue as this project progresses. This insulation would cost about $450 including shipping ... lots to weigh out. One day at a time.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Yesterday was a tough one. When I do not sleep, my body, mind and spirit lose all touch with the good. Instead of being at the keys I was in Scout. Thank the gods the green Subaru remains a safe place. The Kitchenette became compromised over the weekend. Those living with MCS know, at least this is my experience, that tiny things add up and then my ability to tolerate an environment flies out my toes. The short version of this story is the weeks of snow and adjustments to the winter distracted us from the things we know need to be done to keep The Kitchenette a safe zone:

Things like:

1. Keeping all reading and writing materials out.
2. Washing the sheet wall, curtains and rugs at least once a week.
3. Wet dusting and mopping (we use a diluted solution of GSE or just plain water) every few days.
4. Washing the bedding ... maybe more often.
5. CHECKING THE DENNY FOIL walls and coverings to be sure there are no leaks.

All of the thing above needed to be done. By the time we took action yesterday morning, I was very weak. I knew I needed to get out and get to the ocean for fresh air. This meant Pete would be doing all the clean up, again. This illness is difficult. The down times like these are, for me, a long tunnel I get through with prayers and time. And then there is Pete who does the things I cannot. It took three hours to clean, wash, and clear the tiny Kitchenette. I spent the time in Scout meditating under layers of coat and blankets and now I'm back.

It takes me a while to re-balance. What didn't create a reaction for me does now. Fewer fabrics 'work' for bedding ... so it's a process of elimination. The old, old sheet and blankets seem to be working/the newer organic bedding sets me off at least for now. It's a tricky life sometimes and I am no magician. For now though I appreciate having a good night of sleep. That's a big part of the magic!

Hope you're having a magic filled day, Mokihana

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Every Noon on Saturday in Seattle, there's the 'Hawaiian Island Connection" KBCS FM ... Hawaiian music! Through the flannel and Denny Foil wall of The Kitchenette the music transports me. Na Leo sings "NorthShore" and I am there...'my oh me, oh, take me to the north shore ... yah, why don't we go ......

Pete's in the vardo beginning to frame up the wheel wells. Our dream of a safe and mobile home continues. When I began these weekly DREAM COMING TRUE posts I put a real $ 100 dollars into a treasure chest. It sits there still, part of my committment to attract the abundance we wish to grow a life of transformation and AHI. (Appreciation, Hope, Innovation).

This 11th week of Dream Coming True I have: $102,400. This is a lot of money! Here's how I spend and save this dream money:

1. I tithe 10% of this money (that would be $10,240) to individuals and groups who encourage and support entrepreneurialship in Hawaii and Continental North America. This week I'm spending time researching people and groups who are doing things like KIVA in America and Hawaii. I think the programs like KIVA are a great thing. We need to be supporting our neighbors and, our friends and neighbors.

2. That leaves me $92,160 that I spend and save in equal share.

3. I save $46,080 in a VILLAGE AND SAVINGS IN LOAN Program we are learning to develop.

4. I spend $46, 080 on VARDOFORTWO Model #2!!

The 10 Things I appreciate this week are:

1. I appreciate kinolau...divine messages.

2. I appreciate coconut ... milk, oil, 'ice cream', soap

3. I appreciate the smell of the air after a storm.

4. I appreciate cuddling.

5. I appreciate the sound of a manual typewriter.

6. I appreciate the sound of Aunty Genoa Keawe's voice.

7. I appreciate forgiveness.

8. I appreciate new beginnings.

9. I appreciate a hot shower.

10. I appreciate Pete.

Friday, January 9, 2009

BUILDING THE VARDO: Timing is divine

Late in the afternoon yesterday, just before all sun light slipped from the sky, after all my volcanic churning had been directed into actions. I stepped from the Kitchenette to thank Pete for the work he had been doing on the wheel wells. From the glass door I saw the rainbow you can see here. It was a full unbroken rainbow "Ke Anuenue" in Hawaiian, a kinolau (earthly embodiment) of the god Kane (the one we thank for fresh water/rain, among many things.) It stretched across the broad expanse of sky north to south.

TODAY ... JUST a few minutes ago, my cellphone rang. I screen my calls when I'm writing. It was Pete. I picked it up. Pete had just left for a visit to see Nick, our copper roof maker. It has been months in the waiting, our beautiful copper roof. "The building is gone. The whole thing is burnt to the must have been an incredibly hot fire." Nick's metal shop is gone. No one was hurt. Thank you Akua. This was the place we were going to make our 'first drive stop' with VARDOFORTWO. That drive didn't happen. Kane and the gods of ALL THAT IS were giving us signs. The message: TIMING IS DIVINE.

Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo,
Mokihana and Pete


Yesterday an issue relating to the life of bees turned me into a little volcano. Susie Collins over at The Canary Report was the messenger of the story that caused the volcano-making. Here's the link to that story about the state of Hawaii Department of Agriculture's decision to poison all the wild bee hives in Hilo Town, on the island of Hawaii.
Here is an excerpt from the article appearing in the Honolulu Advertiser:

The state Department of Agriculture plans to poison wild honey bee hives in Hilo as an emergency measure to stop a growing infestation of bee-killing varroa mites, and warns the public against eating honey from wild hives over the next three weeks.

The department is using a “crisis exemption” to deploy the insecticide fipronil at about 200 baiting stations within a five-mile radius of Hilo Harbor.

Pesticide is never, in my opinion, a solution. I know there are always opinions in very high places (not heaven) that argue against my opinion and yet, pesticides repeatedly are the source of physical break-down in my thyroid gland and brain cells. Those of us disabled with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities know without doubt the malignant effects of the 'pesticide solution.'

As part of my volcanic condition yesterday, I sought guidance through my prayers and meditative walks along the shore praying for "the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." I found peace with my volcanism -- the part of me that knows courage comes from the fire of transformation. Then I took action: I made calls, sent emails and sought other opinions.

I have emailed Beyond Pesticides to ask if their organization is aware of the state of Hawaii's decision to use fibronil. I have yet to get a reply. A phone call to one of my dear friends here in Washington who is also MCS offered me other avenues to learn more and perhaps abate this action.

Last night I get this email from Bobby McClintock in Honolulu. HERE'S A SOLUTION, and a way to abate the irresponsible and arrogant belief that "pesticides are the solution."

"This is too important an issue to not pass on. Please sign on to this petition from the Pesticide Action Network. Those disabled with MCS will be particularly interested in the N statement in the A through Z categories. Please move down to see N in its entirety from just the statement. Please also pass this on to your entire network.

Thanks! Bobby"

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Give Pete a bit of rain-free hours and there is progress on the projects. Western Washington was deluged with rain over the past couple of days. Last night the rain soaked lawn under VARDOFORTWO was covered with two inches of water. Parts of the state south and north of us have been hit with heavy rains and the melt-down of snow that was still thick upon the ground. Floods. So we are thankful for the mild manifestations of winter. And Pete is happy he can show some evidence of a 'BEFORE AND AFTER' mug shot of the vardo's wheel wells.

Milk paint over painted metal doesn't hold up in rain. See the picture to prove it. The AFTER shot (THE PICTURE ON TOP), of the same wheel well is Pete's solution. He used fine grit sand paper to polish down the milk paint and the residual metal paint. He's going to wax the shiny finish ... it just might work!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


There is nothing new to describe in terms of building the tiny home. New work must wait. Pete is staying busy cleaning our dear Scout (our car, sometimes home, good friend). He's taking apart the fan and replaced the air conditioner filter. The fan has never been cleaned and Scout is 5 years old. OMIGOD! The air conditioner is a vital tool in our car, as it is in an car who services MCS folk. If I don't use the air conditioner with the control turned to "recycled air" I get the sickening reality of petroleum off-gas from all who travel the roads with me. Pete's a blessing I count everyday, and at times like these, when progress on a dream need to be on-hold, I give thanks for his versatile work ethic that finds ways to keep my man happy being Pete ... know what I mean?

Sam and Sally and Makua O`o are the work that redirects my disappointment in not being able to DO more on the tiny home. I get restless and uncomfortable ... and then, I pray for the guidance to be kind to myself. My INSIDE JOBS are showing up on the pages of our OUR OTHER BLOGS. If you haven't visited yet link up. There's so much to living a life, we are more than our doings.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BUILDING THE VARDO: Mini steps and Maintenance

The snow comes and goes, and this morning it is purely rain. The ground is soggy for the moisture, the mold spores multiplying in glee. Winter conditions are teaching us to continue taking action in mini steps, and to watch what happens to the work we've already done. As VARDOFORTWO rests under a tarp roof, we take these mini steps, take a step back before moving forward, and maintain what we're already done:

1. All the steel brackets in the ceiling have been covered with oak corner pieces. These are small and delicate cuts that need to be fit just right. With his characteristic work ethic, Pete has found small patches of time when the break in weather allowed him to set up the saw to cut and fit the pieces.

2. The 4 inside window frames are finally completely painted and waxed. Working with dry milk paint is very different than opening a can of pre-mixed paint of the shelves. We chose milk paint in this form because we could mix it as we need it. But we're finding you need to write down the proportion of dry mix to water once you find the color you like ... otherwise, it's a different tone of color everytime you paint.

3. Waxed Milk Paint on the exterior means you wax your house often. "Often" will vary I guess, dependent on the weather. After the month of snow, the outside needed another coat of wax. It takes about 2 hours of elbow grease to get another coat on.

4. Milk Paint over metal paint isn't a good idea (see the picture). The milk paint is good at taking up the metal paint on the wheel wells. We've gotta come up with some other idea here.

5. Insulation. Samples of wool insulation from New Zealand, a product called LATTITUDE is sitting in jars getting ready for me to do a sniff test for reactions. The insulation came from Bend, Oregon where our MCS friend Leslie Lawrence is also building her tiny home. I'm testing the stuff today.

6. More milk paint has been ordered to work on painting the door, and mixing colors to decide on the shade(s) we like on the ceiling and walls.

7. Still waiting on the roof.

8. Floor. We're pretty sure we're laying tile instead of a wood floor. Many choices in safe materials involved with this ... more on that as we take this project on.

Monday, January 5, 2009

DREAM COMING TRUE WEEK 10: Reviewing the process

The making of New Land ... photo credit Chris Kawika Brown

This week's Dream Coming True post is later than usual because Saturday, when I would normally write this, was an `Ole Day. This week is the tenth week of posting, and I have been thinking about how this weekly practice has served us in making the dream of VARDOFORTWO a reality. When I wrote the first Dream Coming True post it was done with these things in mind:

Once a week I created a post that did 3 things (They are listed below). As I review the process of Dream Coming True posts, I see what's happened and am making a few changes to the process. (They are written in purple italics).

1. I state in clear and positive language my intention to spend DREAM MONEY on something that makes my heart happy. My intention will be as clear and specific as possible. Every week I do a DREAM COMING TRUE post my original $100 doubles.

Last week I made a subtle and powerful decision to change the word 'spend' to 'save' in my clear and positive intention.

2. Each week I make a list of "10 things I appreciate". Things, people, gifts all count here. This "appreciation list" is not so different from "gratitude lists" ... although there is a subtle and powerful difference that I am testing out.

I enjoy the feeling I get when I use the word 'appreciate'. I am conscious of the choice I make to say, "I appreciate," rather than "I am grateful," ... and yet I see how uncommon it is to hear appreciation. The test continues as Pete and I say or write our appreciations. It's a small differences that puts us into the flow of abundance and energy with less temptation to tinker with the feelings of relief associated with being grateful for NO LONGER BEING in the 'old/bad/worse state'.

3. Each week I take the time to write this post I am committing to action, and doing more than 'thinking' about how I'd spend my abundance.

Regular posts like this is a commitment to act on intention. I will continue to write them. People have commented or sent us email asking "How we are going to spend the abundance ($) we seem to be gathering." That is a very good question.

Here are two ways we hope to actualize our dreams, and grow our love for the people/things/ideas/projects described here at VARDOFORTWO:

1. Creating a forum of some kind to discuss the creation of MCS-based safe home community. Let us know if you're interested in being part of this discussion.

2. Creating a forum (maybe part of the one above, maybe separate) to form a Community-Based Savings and Loan program, or Savings Circle that is more like the tribal, small village model of resource building and loaning than the money system of the mortgage and the stock market today. These are big dreams that can be made real with hard work and a commitment to solutions made in balance with ALL THAT IS. We have ordered a book called VILLAGE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONS. It is a practical guide to the creation of a village model of savings and loans. After we have it in hand (and it's aired out enough for me to be near it) Pete and I will read and study its application to our vision. If you are interested in learning more, or want to get involved please email us.


This week I have $51,200 which I choose to spend and save in equal parts. I spend $25,600 buying the materials and services we need to build VARDOFORTWO. I save $25,600 to create forums to develop MCS-based safe home community and a village-based savings and loan program.

This week the 10 thing I appreciate are:

1. I appreciate my belief in the goodness of humanity.

2. I appreciate my personal spiritual practice.

3. I appreciate the versatility of the internet.

4. I appreciate dancing.

5. I appreciate the change in seasons.

6. I appreciate clean water.

7. I appreciate restful sleep.

8. I appreciate my cotton and carbon filter mask.

9. I appreciate "The Blue Danube" by Strauss.

10. I appreciate Pete.

First Post of 2009; HOPE and MAKUA O`O

Wow, what a difference a calendar year makes! It feels like a long time. The `Ole Days were very restoring and since they began with the first calendar day of 2009 it might have been just the thing we needed, slow down before being caught up in the whatevehs of busyness. Among the things that we did during the past four days was to REMEMBER how important it is to give the gift of hope. Very dear friends of ours, friends who shared everything they have, are having a tough time right now. It's not a forever sort of tough time, it's just a for now tough time. I read an article written by The Urban Monk during the 'ole days that informed me and fueled me to share something very dear with our friends: Hope.

Our journey of building VARDOFORTWO is sometimes tough, and honestly, we sometimes question from where the courage and resources to move forward will come. The `Ole Days, are days of caring for the grand reserve of appreciation, hope and inspiration/innovation. It is our commitment to a regular spiritual practice that is the foundation of it all.

Not only is this our first post of the new year to VARDOFORTWO, it is also the day for posting on our newest blog MAKUA O`O. Literally translated from Hawaiian Makua O`o means "adult with digging stick", and is a spiritual journey an adult practices daily, learning to name and use basic life tools that can be used to weed, dig, plant or move heavy obstacles from the path/garden/journey. Learning to live with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities challenges us to use the tools -- the `o`o-- in tried and try ways, and new ways we might never have imagined. I hope you will visit the pages of MAKUA O`O. See how inter-connected the progress with VARDFORTWO and the tale of Sam and Sally are with a foundation of a spiritual practice.

IF YOU LINK TO MAKUA O`o before I finish my first post to the new blog, please come back to it in a little while ... I'm working on it (big smiles).

It's nice to be back on the page. Happy New Year,


Thursday, January 1, 2009


Aloha kakou,

The new year began with a beautifully peaceful transition, no extreme fireworks and fleeing from the smoke and loud noises ... the first one in many years for us. Mahalo, White Center, Mahalo Ke Akua. Today, January 1st is the first of four 'Ole Days. Our regular readers know tht 'Ole Days are the days and nights when we honor the tradition of re-view, re-new, re-store ... like fisherfolk and planters who let the ocean be, and leave planting for another day we let new projects and new posts wait. Pete and I have plenty to review and some details on things began continue. We will post anew after the four day 'ole days are pau (over). Any comments you leave will be published and we will reply to them, too. My weekly DREAM COME TRUE Post, usually written on Saturday will be a little late as well.

A hui hou until Monday, January 5th, Mokihana and Pete