Friday, January 9, 2009


Yesterday an issue relating to the life of bees turned me into a little volcano. Susie Collins over at The Canary Report was the messenger of the story that caused the volcano-making. Here's the link to that story about the state of Hawaii Department of Agriculture's decision to poison all the wild bee hives in Hilo Town, on the island of Hawaii.
Here is an excerpt from the article appearing in the Honolulu Advertiser:

The state Department of Agriculture plans to poison wild honey bee hives in Hilo as an emergency measure to stop a growing infestation of bee-killing varroa mites, and warns the public against eating honey from wild hives over the next three weeks.

The department is using a “crisis exemption” to deploy the insecticide fipronil at about 200 baiting stations within a five-mile radius of Hilo Harbor.

Pesticide is never, in my opinion, a solution. I know there are always opinions in very high places (not heaven) that argue against my opinion and yet, pesticides repeatedly are the source of physical break-down in my thyroid gland and brain cells. Those of us disabled with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities know without doubt the malignant effects of the 'pesticide solution.'

As part of my volcanic condition yesterday, I sought guidance through my prayers and meditative walks along the shore praying for "the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." I found peace with my volcanism -- the part of me that knows courage comes from the fire of transformation. Then I took action: I made calls, sent emails and sought other opinions.

I have emailed Beyond Pesticides to ask if their organization is aware of the state of Hawaii's decision to use fibronil. I have yet to get a reply. A phone call to one of my dear friends here in Washington who is also MCS offered me other avenues to learn more and perhaps abate this action.

Last night I get this email from Bobby McClintock in Honolulu. HERE'S A SOLUTION, and a way to abate the irresponsible and arrogant belief that "pesticides are the solution."

"This is too important an issue to not pass on. Please sign on to this petition from the Pesticide Action Network. Those disabled with MCS will be particularly interested in the N statement in the A through Z categories. Please move down to see N in its entirety from just the statement. Please also pass this on to your entire network.

Thanks! Bobby"


Anonymous said...

There's is nothing I admire more than activism. Mahalo, Mokihana, for taking my post about Hilo's bee hives and kicking it up a notch, taking action, finding a way for us all to take action.

Mokihana and Pete said...

Susie, Yes, collective activism can make a difference. The issues of pesticide use have and continue to demand collecting energy to move the direction and definitions of 'solution.' Hope a lot more people read and sign on to this petition.