Thursday, January 8, 2009


Give Pete a bit of rain-free hours and there is progress on the projects. Western Washington was deluged with rain over the past couple of days. Last night the rain soaked lawn under VARDOFORTWO was covered with two inches of water. Parts of the state south and north of us have been hit with heavy rains and the melt-down of snow that was still thick upon the ground. Floods. So we are thankful for the mild manifestations of winter. And Pete is happy he can show some evidence of a 'BEFORE AND AFTER' mug shot of the vardo's wheel wells.

Milk paint over painted metal doesn't hold up in rain. See the picture to prove it. The AFTER shot (THE PICTURE ON TOP), of the same wheel well is Pete's solution. He used fine grit sand paper to polish down the milk paint and the residual metal paint. He's going to wax the shiny finish ... it just might work!


Anna's Spot said...

Just stopping by to say hi. I like your sites and added them to my blogroll. I hope you have a beautiful evening.

Mokihana and Pete said...

Anna, Thanks for letting us know you visited, come again. Mokihana

Susie Collins said...

There are always solutions to problems with the vardo! That Pete, he's a keeper.

I've missed a few days of blog rounds and feel for you in rainy cold Washington. There are always advantages and disadvantages to the places we choose to call home. But this difficult phase of building the vardo will pass, and next winter season you will be IN the vardo. You are brave souls to weather the storm and keep to the grind stone creating the VARDOFORTWO. Hang in there Mokihana and Pete!

{{Aloha hugs}}

Mokihana and Pete said...

Susie, "That Pete, he's a keeper." Yup.
Aloha back at you, Mokihana