Monday, January 5, 2009

First Post of 2009; HOPE and MAKUA O`O

Wow, what a difference a calendar year makes! It feels like a long time. The `Ole Days were very restoring and since they began with the first calendar day of 2009 it might have been just the thing we needed, slow down before being caught up in the whatevehs of busyness. Among the things that we did during the past four days was to REMEMBER how important it is to give the gift of hope. Very dear friends of ours, friends who shared everything they have, are having a tough time right now. It's not a forever sort of tough time, it's just a for now tough time. I read an article written by The Urban Monk during the 'ole days that informed me and fueled me to share something very dear with our friends: Hope.

Our journey of building VARDOFORTWO is sometimes tough, and honestly, we sometimes question from where the courage and resources to move forward will come. The `Ole Days, are days of caring for the grand reserve of appreciation, hope and inspiration/innovation. It is our commitment to a regular spiritual practice that is the foundation of it all.

Not only is this our first post of the new year to VARDOFORTWO, it is also the day for posting on our newest blog MAKUA O`O. Literally translated from Hawaiian Makua O`o means "adult with digging stick", and is a spiritual journey an adult practices daily, learning to name and use basic life tools that can be used to weed, dig, plant or move heavy obstacles from the path/garden/journey. Learning to live with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities challenges us to use the tools -- the `o`o-- in tried and try ways, and new ways we might never have imagined. I hope you will visit the pages of MAKUA O`O. See how inter-connected the progress with VARDFORTWO and the tale of Sam and Sally are with a foundation of a spiritual practice.

IF YOU LINK TO MAKUA O`o before I finish my first post to the new blog, please come back to it in a little while ... I'm working on it (big smiles).

It's nice to be back on the page. Happy New Year,


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