Friday, November 21, 2008

Building the Vardo: Roof Preparation; Wall/Framing Details

The picture above shows the roof completely sided with the white oak tongue and groove.
The siding will be the ceiling in the house. The outside of the siding(the side you see from above) will be milk-painted and waxed to seal it from the weather. In later building steps
a 'next layer' of weatherizing will take place, to include insulation and a top-skin to receive the copper roof.

Pre-painting to neutralize.

The decision to use white oak came with knowing we would need to neutralize the tannins (the natural resinous smell) of the wood. Both sides of the siding need to be milk painted to do this neutralizing. (See post "Learn by doing")

Building VARDOFORTWO as an MCS safe home involves attention to detail and conscious choices every step along the way. The cost of a simplified and safe home means it takes more time and a willingness on both our sides to be respectful as we learn what works, and what doesn't. We are building a sustainable lifestyle in a teeny home to be. In so many ways this is contrary to the old American Dream. VARDOFORTWO is probably smaller than a lot of walk-in closets. We aren't building big, we are dreaming big and dreaming innovation.

Take our poll (see it on the left side-bar). Metal Flashing Detail: each of the vardo walls and the two wheel wells are trimmed and fitted with metal to keep the vardo sealed from weather and outside environmental smells. The flashing also secures the framing to the trailer.

Wall/Framing Details: The wind shear bracing is complete on all three walls --back, and two side walls. The four windows have been framed.
The back wall siding is up, and the first of two coats of milk paint is in the works.
At the left edge you can see the TuTuff moisture barrier that enfolds the entire frame. The underside of the siding I'm painting is already 'pre-painted' to neutralize the tannins.


Susie Collins said...

This is SO exciting! The roof line is beautiful. There is something so very magical about this whole project. Something so very empowering.

VardoForTwo said...

Mahalo Susie, this is a project that calls for all the good mana available and the belief that we can do this.