Saturday, November 8, 2008


Last Saturday I began a series of posts called "Dream Coming True." With the inspiration I found on Akemi Gaines' website Yes to Me, I began this abundance and wealth attracting exercise. (Check out last week's post to see the beginnings of this project...again, I know there's a way to link to an old post. When I get it, you will, too.)

Once a week I make a post that does 3 things:

1. I state in clear and positive language my intention to spend DREAM MONEY on something that makes my heart happy. My intention will be as clear and specific as possible. Every week I do a DREAM COMING TRUE post my original $100 doubles.

2. Each week I make a list of "10 things I appreciate". Things, people, gifts all count here. This "appreciation list" is not so different from "gratitude lists" ... although there is a subtle and powerful difference that I am testing out.

3. Each week I take the time to write this post I am commiting to action, and doing more than 'thinking' about how I'd spend my abundance. At least that how I see this DREAM COMING TRUE.

WEEK 2 Dream Coming True: $200 of Dream Money

This week I spend my Dream Money on a pair of beautiful warm boots that are free from strong smelling off-gassing, or easily aired for use this winter.
10 things I appreciate this week are:

1. MCS bloggers, including me. (click on this link to THE CANARY REPORT for an incredible resource!)

2. My writing skills.

3. NAET treatments.

4. Hawaiian music.

5. Electricity.

6. Hot tea and honey.

7. Ole days.

8. Unscented soaps.

9. Long underwear.

10. Pete.


Akemi "spiritual entrepreneur" @ Yes to Me said...

Hi Mokihana,

This is beautiful. Thank you for taking up the challenge of Dream Money Project.
I love Hawaiian music, too. It's just make me happy no matter what.

Stay warm. Hope your new boots come your way soon.

VardoForTwo said...

Good morning Akemi,
So nice to see your comment. Yes, this project is giving me a chance to ask my heart what it would LOVE. THANKS FOR THE NUDGing CHALLENGE... here's a cup of herb tea and sweet Hawaiian music coming your way.

Susie Collins said...

Hui! Aloha! Mahalo for the link. I love that The Canary Report is on your appreciation list! I love both your blogs. I'm so happy we found each other-- that you are a local girl is such a treat. I look forward to learning things with you, sharing mana'o. Aloha, Susie

VardoForTwo said...

What a treat to find your comment, such a terrific way to end my day. Yes, yes, discovering The Canary Report and you there on the beautiful Hamakua Coast it means so, so plenty to me. Like the lau`ea on the back of VARDOFORTWO, I will always know who/what covers MY back. Sharing mana`o counts for thousands. Aloha kaua, Mokihana