Monday, November 17, 2008


Today is 'Ole Kukahi.

"'Ole Ku Kahi, 'Ole Ku Lua, 'Ole Pau(Twenty-first to twenty-third nights)
First, second and last `Ole nights. This is a time that is not recommended for planting or fishing. It is windy and tides will run high. Farmers use this time for weeding. `Ole pau and 'Ole kukahi are the kapu periods of the akua Kanaloa and Kaloa and offering are made with pule(prayer)." -from the website
Hunt N Fish Maui .

I have just taken the tour of the website Hunt N Fish Maui. And wish to acknowledge the the creator of Hunt N Fish Maui, Wes Carbonell and his family. Mahalo nui loa! I surfed the internet seeking information, a way to understand and explain to myself the traditional wisdom Hawaii and the HAWAIIAN MOON CALENDAR. You see although I am a makua o`o (elder in training) and in some eyes, a kupuna (elder) because of my age and experiences I have much to re-discover and learn about traditional wisdom. The regular attention to the phases of the moon and her affect on all else, is wisdom I learn now because I was not taught, or perhaps was not open to learning in times past. The information, stories and pictures found on Wes Carbonell's website are living examples of a family who has remained connected to traditional wisdom in real-time/real-life. I see the children in this ohana and see the wisdom pass from one to the other.

Today is the first of three `ole days. We introduced the `ole days as a time to rest, restore and weed the things we have begun here on VARDOFORTWO. This is one of the ways I commit to practicing what I learn. It's so tempting to keeping going full steam ahead, all the time, with no pause. Auwe, the fisherfolk and makaainana (people of the land) knew better. Okay...Before starting new projects on the blog or on the vardo there is plenty to clean-up, review and make right before i mua (going forward). We will be working behind the scenes, to remain pono (in harmony) with our intention to build a place of hope, innovation and appreciation.

A hui hou, see you in three days, Mokihana and Pete


Susie Collins said...

Mahalo for this reminding: to find the time to pause and reflect. And in the bigger picture, moon cycles are so important in the fall, the makahiki. The harvest before the great pause. Our moons have risen orange and yellow this week, a sure sign that it's time to prepare for the quiet time. The longest night is coming.

VardoForTwo said...

Susie, the bigger picture is the one I need when the details of the everyday get too heavy. Mahalo to you for reminding ME of makahiki a time to prepare, a time of peace.