Wednesday, November 19, 2008


THIS SUGGESTION IS JUST IN...on an `ole pau day when projects begun are reviewed. This post may be just what you're looking for, and it's definitely something we've been praying for. Being willing and able to educate and offer alternatives is an important part of living with the effects of multiple chemical sensitivities. We want to be able to offer an alternative to our neighbor who uses those toxic dryer sheets. Working behind the scenes I found two comments waiting to be moderated. We received a A very brief YET POSSIBLY WONDERFUL comment and suggestion for an alternative: WOOL DRYER BALLS! (See previous post on DRYER SHEET AND FABRIC SOFTENERS ARE LETHAL).

I have never heard of them, so I checked them out. It seems wool dryer balls are a product that can be purchased, but these may be chemically laden as well. A bit more exploration led me here to HOW TO MAKE DO, a site for making home-made felted wool dryer balls, and other things, too. The directions for the wool dryer balls are clear, and include pictures each step of the way.

We have a great little yarn shop that's on the way to our favorite Co-op and beach walking trail. I'll be heading there (to the yarn shop, Co-op and beach) today! We'll go through the process of making these wool yarn balls and give you an up-date after we make and use our first batch of WOOL YARN BALLS. If you decide to make these wool dryer balls or have made and used them give us a shout.

Thanks Christina, for the tip. For those of the MCS tribe who handle wool this could be an excellent new tool, and what a wonderful choice for any one wishing to decrease the toxic load period! I mua

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