Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pete's List

Remember Summer (Mokihana photo)
Aloha, the time has come for Pete to contribute to the VardoForTwo, something I have been planning on doing for quite a while. Until now I have always chose to head outside and work on building the Vardo. Maybe with the advent of cold and rainy days, the desire is to be inside, cozy and warm telling my stories. How true considering this is the first winter in fourteen years without the surrounding comfort of tropical breezes and sunny days of Hawaii, which can be a story for another rainy day.

Today I would like to add to the 100 Things Challenge. My list of everything in my possession, most of which I am willing to share, goes something like this:

1 Wedding Ring
2 Composition books
1 Folding TV tray
1 Scale
1 Nylon Food Cooler Carrying Bag
6 Books
1 Chinese Checker Game
1 Deck of Playing Cards
3 Coolers and Ice Packs
2 Yoga Mats
4 Yoga Blocks
2 Yoga Belts
1 Small Box of Mementos; letters, pictures and treasures
2 End Tables
2 Lamps
1 String Christmas tree Lights
1 Slant Board
1 Clothes Iron
2 Pair Shoes
1 Pair Slippers
4 Pair Jeans
8 Shirts
1 Coat
2 Hats
1 Scarf
1 Pair Gloves
2 Sets Long Underwear
4 Pair Socks
3 Shorts
1 Pair Glasses
1 Wallet
1 Check Book
1 Cell Phone and Charger
1 Food Dehydrator
1 Juicer
1 Nylon Bag for making Milk
8 Planting Trays
1 Gallon Glass Jar of Sunflower Seeds
1 Gallon Glass Jar of Wheat Grass Seeds
1 Gallon Glass Jar of Buckwheat Seeds
1 Dozen Quart Jars
1 Box of Hand Tools Old and New
6 Power Tools; Drills and Saws

So far it totals close to 100 favorites, necessities, plenty of what I take for granted, this being the first time I counted most everything. As Mokihana mentioned, a lot of our stuff has found new homes over the years and considering that together we have at least 200 things we are on our way to knowing what will be close to us in the Vardo and what will either tag along with us or find a new home. Thanks for the visit.
A Hui Hou. Pete

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