Monday, November 3, 2008

KE ALA O KA MAHINA The Moon Calendar

Today is an Ole Day, a day of preparation, unproductive for fishing or planting.

According to the calendar today is:


Pete and I have travelled with KE ALA O KA MAHINA The Hawaiian Moon Calendar throughout the year 2008. It was a gift from my son, Chris Kawika Brown. He and his ohana of Hawaiian cultural healers designed and developed this calendar.

"This circular calendar offers a Hawaiian perspective on the flow of time. Its design reflects the relationships among the spiritual, natural and human realms. In Hawaiian culture, the mahina (moon) is an embodiment of the goddess Hina. Our kupuna (ancestors) used the phases of the mahina as a guide to sustain life and maintain balance in the environment. Today, many people continue to rely on traditional Hawaiian knowledge as a guide for daily activities, including fishing and farming. HOW DO THE MOON CYCLES AFFECT YOU, YOUR FAMILY, AND YOUR ENVIRONMENT?"

-from the narrative found on KEA ALA O KA MAHINA 2008, developed by Hui Mauli Ola, Produced by Kamehameha Publishing

ANSWER: We have found that ole days are times to rest, "weed" the gardens of our life and clean up what has been started. Our experiences have shown that new projects, new decisions and major purchases are best left for another time, after we have rested and restored ourselves.

This OLE CYCLE is one of FOUR OLE DAYS. I will rest, restore and ask Hina to shine on us and the seeds planted here at VardoForTwo.

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT THE HAWAIIAN MOON CALENDAR, click on this link ... i mua (go forward, seek it out!)

See you in four days, a hui hou, Mokihana

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