Sunday, November 30, 2008

DREAM Coming True Week 5

Fog surrounds us this morning. Rain wet sidewalks reflect the edge of grass coated with dew so heavy the blades droop waiting for the sun to dry them up like a warm, fresh towel. VARDOFORTWO is wrapped up tight in her plastic tarps, Pete's cleaning up last night's late dinner dishes. A new day has already begun and another week has passed. For what am I appreciative, and how will I spend the dream money I have attracted this week?

For those of you who have visited VARDOFORTWO before and know that I post an on-going weekly series called DREAM Coming True here's a report of manifesting: In Week 1 I began with $100 to spend on something that made my heart happy. I envisioned spending that money on a pair of beautiful silver earrings handcrafted by Northwest artisans. When I envisioned and stated the dream I did not yet have a clear image of the earrings. As days passed the dream started to attract more form until I saw a specific full moon silver disc. Ah, mahealani (full moon) silver earrings. My heart had begun to talk to my mind and turned my mouth into a smile. Soon after I could see those beautiful discs hanging from my Buddha-like earlobes with my mouth turned into a smile. Well yes, I was happy to be wearing those beautiful earrings.

On November 16, Pete and I drove north to La Conner, Washington one of our favorite towns in Washington. It was my birthday and my wish for a wonderful day included time spent in La Conner. I knew those earrings were waiting for me in La Conner. They were. Silver circles surround jade and jasper stone with a disc of solid silver pounded and stamped with a design from the Tuareg tribe of Africa. The Tuareg are a nomadic tribe of Northwest Africa who make and trade their jewelry as a way to live in the world. In a store I'd never been into before the $100 dream came true, with plenty of resources to pay for the gas to get us there plus enough to buy two cookies to boot!

(If you look closely at that smiling face in the picture you'll see the glimmer of silver peeking through my hair ... it's that dream come true)

To those who are visiting for the first time, the challenge to consistently practice the Law of Attraction came from Akemi Gaines my friend and teacher. In a nutshell the challenge asks that I do three things each week to attract joy and abundance into my life.

1. Clearly envision, and state in a positive way, a dream I wish to manifest. The use of 'dream money' is a symbol of resources, and I started with $100 real dollars that I put into a treasure box.

2. I make a list of 10 items for which I am appreciative. (See late week-ends Dream Coming True Post to read the difference between 'appreciation' and 'gratitude')

3. I write a weekly post that becomes the first ACTION step in making a vision real.

So, this week ...

Dream Coming True Week 5: I have $1,600 to spend on paying for a beautiful curved copper roof for VARDOFORTWO.

The 10 things for which I am appreciative are:

1. I appreciate live piano music.

2. I appreciate the sound of my son's voice.

3. I appreciate my willingness to remain teachable.

4. I appreciate the freedom of aging.

5. I appreciate the taste of homemade apple pie. (thank you Turtle Woman!!!!)

6. I appreciate late night heart to heart talks.

7. I appreciate wind shield wipers that work when it's raining.

8. I appreciate favorite films I can replay as often as I like.

9. I appreciate a hot soak in a tub. (am I repeating this one? oh well, it's still true)

10. I appreciate Pete. (yes, I am repeating this one!)

Okay, I tag you. For a wonderful Christmas present for your own dear self that 'costs' you the price of three steps, try the DREAM COMING TRUE CHALLENGE.

Done it? How is it going?

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Do you guys have plans on how to build this Vardo? I am looking for some plans like yours. Any info would help! My email address is:

My name is Michael. Your Vardo is awsome! Maybe you can help me get started? Plans??? Thanks!