Friday, November 7, 2008

Back at it


I'm back on the page. The four days of Ole were full of cleaning and clearing and reviewing what has already begun:

1. Since it's been raining and raining, little outside vardo work could be done so Pete (who always keeps a great construction site) gathered scraps, restacked the oak siding, and reinforced the ropes that hold tarps over the vardo.

2. On one of the four days when a bit of sunshine warmed things up, Pete rubbed in a second coat of beeswax finish to the two side walls.

3. He also caulked all the exterior open seams, around the corners, windows and the roof (using AFM SAFECOAT Caulk ... a low voc, water-based caulk; more tolerable for MCS tribe; it does have its limitation, but we have opted again on the side of 'less petroleum-based products')

Our goal with the caulk is two fold: keep the vardo as water tight as possible so the siding doesn't buckle; and, keep the outside smells like wood smoke from seeping into the vardo.

4. Yesterday we worked inside the apartment, cleaning up the rooms that store the tools, paperwork, powered milk-paints, and supplies. Even with the very minimal life we live stuff stacks up. So, on Ole Pau (the fourth night of the ole cycle) it felt good to touch everything we have, decide what to do with each, and put it where we can find it again.

5. Rest and Recoup. The exposure to the dryer sheets left me weakened. As I posted earlier those dryer sheets are lethal. My weekly visit to Chulan Chiang my NAET practitioner identified my PITUATARY GLAND (in the middle of my forehead) was over-burdened. We worked on clearing and reinforcing that part of the brain.

6. Behind the scenes connections: I have made connection with Rae Enslin and Jay Shafer both of these folk are inspirational and instrumental in our building VardoForTwo. Rae has linked us to her site, and Jay's blog now makes comments about our vardo. Thank you Rae and Jay.

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