Tuesday, November 25, 2008



1. n. Sovereignty, rule, independence.

2. n. Life, air, breath, respiration; fumes ; breeze, spirit.

3. vi. To rise, go up, raise, become erect.

4. vi. To smell. Also ╩╗ea.

Sometimes a post just can't wait to be written, the words string themselves together waiting for me to start up the laptop, and my fingers simply unleash. Other days a post seems to need life breathed into it to come alive, or needs a revision even after it's posted. (Like this one). Today I woke to find a message from my Hamakua friend, Susie. She had news for me, news I might never have known was there. Auwe, how wonderful is that. Especially when the stories are positive and encouraging. Add to that the value of spreading the word about tiny homes and multiple chemical sensitivities and there is a recipe of EA ... sovereignty, life, spirit, breath. When I sit to write it truly is like 'throwing net' from the shallows off of a sandy Island shore. Like Tata Pacheo, our Kuliouou neighbor who could make the finest of throw nets in his back yard, I come to this keyboard and give it my best
F L I N G. What I get back when I huki (pull in), is a gamble. And yet, when I find email and stories that satisfy my hunger, well I keep flinging.

The picture above is a reminder to me when I lapse into selective recall about life without a home being only about suffering. I look at that picture above and know we were on O`ahu for many reasons. Pete took this picture at Kaimana Beach in Waikiki, at my son's uniki (graduation) from Lomi Lomi classes. In his hand he carries our family pohaku ku`i poi (poi pounder), a gift, a passing of a legacy from mother to son to believe nurturing is important. EA, EA.


Susie Collins said...

I love this picture of you and your son. Good fling. Full of aloha. <3

VardoForTwo said...

Susie, He's coming for thanksgiving, so we get to keep the aloha alive.