Saturday, November 8, 2008

NEW LINK to a LifeSaver and Safety Net

The Masked Avenger ... a fitting name for this writer and sister MCSer, this author and blogger is someone I discovered (and forgot about until yesterday) while living from the Subaru. Public libraries were a place of refuge for us when few public places were safe from smells from hell. And, even some libraries are either musty and moldy or too new with formaldyhde off-casing carpets etc. etc. STILL, PUBLIC LIBRARIES are one of this country's finest example of infrastructure and services that truly serve the masses.

This site is an excellent source of practical advice/direction/connections for those living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Environmental Illness. The Masked Avenger has a sense of humor. Her recent post about "The Rotational Diet" is funny, while offering an option for dealing with the food sensitivities that often are at the base of one's ability to regularly detoxify the body from the environment which cannot be controlled; ie. someone else's choices.

She doesn't post often, but her archives are rich. Read her list of posts and click where you find an issue of importance or interest. Her resources and research are very useful, too. I highly recommend this blog, and obviously Google does too, since her site comes up first when you search "multiple chemical sensitivities blog."

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