Sunday, November 9, 2008


One of my favorite things is a cup of hot tea and honey. When there was very little, there was tea and honey. Now the journey continues, there is more and here I am writing from the edge of my Futon Altar in the company of a cup of Decaf Earl Gray with coconut milk and honey. Pete's up and at 'em, cleaning the car of all the beautiful red Japanese maple leaves that have decorated "Scout."
We're heading out for a morning in West Seattle to walk, buy a jug of our favorite apple cider and get our fresh salmon fix from the cool guys at the West Seattle Farmer's Market. This market maybe one of those that ends in November? Anyway, some fresh air (which does come with the generous rains) and movement will do me good. My man the tall one gets a workout climbing up and down those ladders, it's me who needs to get out to move.

Easy start to Sunday. Glad for that. How are you starting your Sunday?
A hui hou, Mokihana

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