Monday, April 19, 2010

Mercury in Retrograde in the sign of Taurus: an excellent time to review the meaning of HOME IN A VARDO

That's me looking through the unfinished Dutch door of our vardo to be. 
It's winter, 2008 and we are in White Center, WA

A snippet of photos from Vardo For Two string along here as a way for us to review time and place and the meaning of "home" as Vardo Folk.  Much of life is unpredictable, and though there are plans more often than not there are adjustments.  With Mercury in Retrograde from April 17th through May 11th a relook at making a home from a vardo seemed right.
while on an 'ole day walk in West Seattle ... home means so many things 
April, 2009 Pete, Doug and Lois perch on the perch of the newly completed VardoForTwo
We are in the ferry line waiting to board the Bremeton Ferry headed for the Ledge in the Woods.
Wahine Toa ... Warrior Woman in the first  Pesticide Free Zone of a Home on the Ledge in the Woods
My son comes to visit
The outside life with fresh air and a place to decompress

The Miraculous Ledge in the Woods where the world of fairies, Nature and Muse make their way into our hearts
Thursday, July 9, 2009

Because the Real seems Unreal ... let me tell you a story

I have written a fairy tale, a long story to escape the world of humanity that too often makes no sense at all. This story has two parts, I have finished the first part and envision it to be a teller's tale ... one spoken and listened to as all good fairy tales were told before there were tree skins marked with ink.

The story began when we arrived on The Ledge and poured through me like warm chocolate. It soothed me, transported me and gave me a place that did not poison me. I seek the story for refuge and the words come to me I do not seek them. Maybe, there is something here for your dear heart read as if there was a voice canting. ~

Wood Crafting
(link to the whole tale)

Copyright, Mokihana Calizar


Inspiration for story comes quickly when the world that is your Real seems Unreal or far harsher than you’re able to endure. Fairy tales have been a world into which I have escaped since a girl in bare feet found solace in the crook of a mango tree. Away from All there were other possibilities, and making believe made it possible to get beyond. Escape has meant many things to me in my sixty plus years, and with the on-set and persistence of the illness called MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) the word has been my life. At first escape simply wore me down and yet as in most great adventures there are one or two talisman and guides who appear at just the right time for just the right purpose. Nomads and Travellers, Gypsies and Migrating Beings offer me the gift of alternative mind and reassembled prospective. To all of these guides and examples I give thanks. To make sense of the need to be on nearly constant alert to the choices of others, choices that will affect me ill, I have found comfort and resolution in the conjuring of modern day fairy tales. Fairy tales that do what they have done for time into memory: taught lessons, made sense out of bad things, explained the un-explainable and used language that all ages could understand.

July 10,2010
Pete and JOTS (look closely ... her pointing black ears are inches from Pete's hand) relax in a field of dandelions on the Ledge in the Woods.

Home for old dears who live (mostly) in a trailer on wheels must have a modern horse to tow us.  That horse is Bernadette the Beast.  Pictured here, Bernadette is nearly fashioned with rails on her flat-bed.
We left the Ledge in the Woods in late Fall, 2009 and Bernadette did haul us over the mountain passes to Bend, Oregon where we stayed for a short while hoping to find a home for the winter.
Our stay in Bend was short.  It was not the right place or the right time.  Bernadette and Pete hauled us once again.  This time we crossed the roads north to the Mill Town.  Above that once-unfinished Dutch door opens within inches of our friends' home, where we have been since November, 2009.  Though we have moved from the original landing spot, at the moment we are still parked in a co-habitation with those same friends who are pictured on the porch earlier in the photo redux. 

TODAY, April 19, 2010

JOTS is stretched across my lap, asleep and determined to have me still long enough to get to a very deep place of sleep.  Pete is cleaning up the basement bathroom.  We have eaten a warm delicious breakfast of toasted millet with sliced bananas and a smatter of date pieces swimming in sesame seed milk. 

Our definitions of "home" are still in the making, changing as we try to turn to a power far greater than ourselves when we are at a place where uncertainty drops into anxiety and fear.  Our arrangement here in The Mill Town is contingent; things change and we make adjustments.  During a Mercury Retrograde, there are many more adjustments than 'normal' so for us, the contingencies increase and we need to be in shape to accept that. 

This weekend Pete and I saw the painter who will spray the mega-home being constructed next door.  Our process with choices like painting where we are living, has progressed -- we are less reactive and more prepared to ask without confrontation and prepare ourselves to move before it is a crisis.  The painter and Pete talked about our needs to know when the painting (of low-VOC exterior primer and paint) will happen:  10 days from now.  That will give us time to prepare the vardo, Bernadette and ourselves to be away.  The details of exactly where we will go unfold at the moment.  There is an option so that is a progressively positive thing for us Vardo Folk. 

The four days and nights of 'Ole begin

With the Mercury Retrograde more will be revealed, our place in the world will be reassessed. I wrap up this retrospective on HOME IN A VARDO and see that our home, our place on EARTH and our relationship to others evolves.  Some of our ideas or philosophy about home are no longer valued as they were.  During this cycle I am also working with my long-time 12-Step sponsor as I complete my lated "searching and fearless moral inventory" --the 4th Step in the program of recovery.  It seems a fitting way to keep the focus where I do have some control ... on my inventory rather than on others. 

We'll be heading for the Water Blessing tomorrow(oops, that will be Wednesday instead), and will refrain from new posts until the 'Ole Cycle is pau.  A hui hou until then.

How is Mercury's retrograde affecting your life?

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