Thursday, April 15, 2010

PREPARING for the Canary Caravan Carnival May 14,15,and 16th

The first MCS Blogger and Allies Carnival is coming up in a month.  Here are a few dates, astrological transits and their implications for being in the flow of things, and a deadline for crafting your submissions.

Mercury goes Retrograde on Saturday, April 17th for three weeks through Tuesday, May 11th

Sandra & David Mosey from Zodiacarts create a valuable tool of Moon Phase Calendars.  Here is what they have to say about Mercury in Retrograde.  I'll use this guidance to try to say in the flow of things as I organize this very first Carnival.  See how their insight might work in your life.

While Mercury is retrograde, familiar channels of communications become tangled and confused. Expect delays and changes in plans. Use this time for researching and problem-solving.

 This is a great time to rewrite and edit, rework an old project or successfully repeat a task. Reevaluate and reconsider, but hold final decisions and approvals until Mercury goes direct.

The tendency is to initialize or finalize projects prematurely. The contents of verbal or written contracts and plans made now may later seem inadequate or unclear. This is not a good time to buy on the spur of the moment without investigation.

This is also not a good time to purchase electronic equipment or cars. Major purchases may be reduced in price after the retrograde period and you can save money by waiting. Major repairs or surgery performed now may be incomplete or plagued by unexpected repercussions.

Double-check and reconfirm every detail. Typed or written errors are easily overlooked, paperwork mislaid, appointments forgotten. Let your sense of humor overcome the challenge of unexpected adjustments.

'Ole Cycle of the Moon of the Hawaiian Moon Calendar begins Tuesday, April 20th for 4 days through Friday, April 23rd
(Sorry for the inaccurate dates previously posted)
Attending to the energy of the Moon, Mahina, in my Hawaiian culture is a valued practice for me and Pete.  We need the guidance and structure that suggests rest or review rather than pushing forward on agendas or projects that really need to be wait.  Much like the longer cycles of Retrograde, as in Mercury's retracking, the 'Ole Cycles are mini reviews like the 10th Step in a 12 Step Program we continue to take personal inventory and when we find something to adjust, or make amends for, the opportunity is there for the taking.

No new posts on our blogs happen during the 'Ole Cycles so this post prepares our readers for our absence as we do the internal work of sorting, weeding, reconsidering, and editing what has already begun.


So, to all you bloggers and allies who are collaborating with the Muse, and considering the story, prayer, prose, photography, activity, exercise, or whatever else that suits you keep this deadline in mind, please.
Please email me your submission on or before, MONDAY, MAY 10th.  I will assemble and organize the 3-rings of our Carnival with posts over the three days, using the flow of activity that Mercury, Mahina and life as I know it.  My email address is

Link here for the full description of the Categories for the Carnival.  Join in with your MCS related stories, successes and submit to the TAP dance that adds such diversity to our lives so often engaged in avoiDANCE.

Hope your day includes moments of joy and laughter, insight and love.  I wish that for my own dear self as well.


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Here's another view of Mercury's retrograde through Taurus