Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Taurus Sun/Scorpio Full Moon, April 28, 2010

April 28, 2010: Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon (exact at 5:18 am PDT)

Stephanie Gailing who authors Planetary Apothecary describes the Full Moon in Scorpio this way: 
During the Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon we experience the juxtaposition of the practical (Taurus) and the emotional (Scorpio). The interplay between these two signs helps us to forge an awareness that what we see—what has form—is reliant upon that which is unseen but deeply felt.

As it reflects the relationship between the ground (Taurus) and the underground (Scorpio), a garden is a great image to consider when looking at the meaning of this Full Moon. Our senses appreciate the glory of the flowers, trees, ferns, and other earthly Taurean gems that flourish. Yet, it’s important to remember that none of this growth would be possible were it not for that which occurs out of sight, below the surface—such as the complex root structure, the hardworking earthworms, and the decay that feeds the soil. What we are called on to appreciate during this Full Moon is that the beauty we see is not just on the surface but also exists in the places that we may often shy away from, those we may consider “unseemly” or “out of bounds.” Given that Mercury is aligned with the Full Moon, we may be able to more readily connect with the words and images that can help us give voice to these reflections...you're looking at a day filled with passion and pleasure.

Pete and I are getting ready to take a ferry ride to Whidbey Island where we'll be checking out a new place to be at least temporarily.  Today's moon energy is super-charge and "the relationship between the ground (Taurus) and the underground (Scorpio), a garden is a great image to consider" is what I'm putting my chips on.  Being Scorpio Sun I have been challenged and conflicted by the Tauruses in my life, yet we are two ends to the same kind of passionate energy. 

Vardo living with only two wheels to ground us does require letting down the Scorpio guards so we can feel the comfort of the ground.  I have plenty enough underground energy for a tribe, so my prayers to Mahina in Scorpio are for a lowered guard where it is not necessary while respectful of those internal watch doggies who have a keen nose for stuff doing no good.  Wish us luck!

While searching for a photo that might fit this post I found instead this bit of Full Moon Wisdom

Full moon = hair cuts for todos  if you get your hair cut on a day with a full moon it will grow faster.

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