Saturday, April 17, 2010

Waters of Life Blessing: two events worth knowing about, April 21st and April 24th

(Link above for more information about the sacred ceremonials)

We are mostly water.  We human are more water, and particular salty water than any other element.  At the core of our being, the connection with water on the planet Earth is as essential as fresh air.  Yesterday was one of my walking-by-the-sea times, graced with energy and capacity I am able to get my dear old self from the vardo to the shore of water in Mukilteo.  Lately, my walks along this shoreline has filled me with both the refreshment of clean and enlightened water-infusion and the meeting of young people who are the inspired stranger.  The park was busy with others --young children with parents, youthful bikers with their helmets and leathers, a former neighbor from a lifetime past out with her beagle and then there was the young couple perched on a log not far from where I parked myself on the sand.  With my cellphone minutes plentiful, I called my brother in Waimanalo and told him when he answered how it is his inimitable island-pidgin and his voice that stirs me to call.  In years past our relationship was so chaotic, too much the result of patterns of dysfunction that neither of us could be blamed for, yet we have created messy times.  Those times seem to be tempered by time and attending, at least on my part and to the boundary setting that we both respect thanks to the on-set of my life with MCS.  Funny, how that works.  Anyhow, my brother and I enjoyed the company of our conversation laughing deep and long at the relativeness of 'what is cold' or 'what is a life lived well.'  Bundled was he on O'ahu because the winds make for a chill at 75 degrees.  I told him I was in short sleeve shirt in the muted sunshine of 56 degrees.  He was amazed.  Back to that couple perched on the log. 

When I finally said "I love you," to my brother and stood with the help of my o'o the walking stick, the sandy path led me within eye-view of the young people on the log.  The young black man looked me directly in the eye, I smile at him.  "Are you on an adventure?"  "Yes, I am."  I extended my free arm in a gesture of all-there-is-ness.  "What are you looking for?"  "I'm out looking for life as I find it."  The young man engaged continued, "Where's life all around you?  Is it sea life you're looking for?"  I think I might have repeated myself and said, "I'm looking for life just as I find it!"  The young man nodded and said, "I value that."  "Thank you,"  I said smiling back at his companion who was broadly smiling back under the large dark sun glasses.

This beach I walk is less than two miles from the home where I lived, raising a son that is older than that young stranger.  Also on my walk yesterday, I met a very young boy with a haircut that was the sort I would have given Christopher at the same age.  His mom, a Native First People woman smiled in my direction as I called a friendly hello to her.  The isolation that is so dense sometime with the life I live as a vardo-woman can overwhelm me.  Connections with this mom and her young son and the couple on the beach log, dilutes the isolation and reclaims my self-regulating brain cells retraining them to believe there is more than despair and isolation. 

Being by the water or in the salt water has calmed and healed me in small and miraculous ways over my six decades.  The Waters of Life Blessing that will happen next week, both here in the Pacific Northwest and all other the Planet are events that can connect us with ourselves and our core self.  Dr. Masaru Emoto has been instrumental in raising consciousness for the Healing Nature of water.  He will be at Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington on Wednesday, April 21, 2010.  Pete and I will head south and meet two old friends ... all goddesses willing!  I will need to invoke all the help I can get to travel that distance and gather with as many people as will be there. 

If you are a Pacific Northwest reader, consider this event.  Or, if you are unable to attend, MARY GETTEN, a woman I originally met as an animal intuitive when we needed help with our first kitty Spence is coordinating an annual Worldwide Water/Whale Wave Meditation

It’s happening Saturday, April 24th

And you’re invited!

(This year in conjunction with the Sacred Ceremonial Blessing for the Salish Sea* with Dr. Masaru Emoto

& tribal and non-tribal spiritual spokespeople)

Pacific Northwest USA with groups from France, South Africa, South America and growing locations around the World

Are holding their annual

Worldwide Water/Whale Wave Meditation

The World Grace Foundation:

a "Heaven-on-Earth" project

along with

Mary J. Getten: Whale naturalist,

animal communicator and

author of Communicating with Orcas

A unified moment in time to focus on the restoration of the earth’s waters

While in appreciation of / meditation with the whales

Positive changes have occurred each time we hold this space.

Please join us and help the restoration hold longer and longer.

When: Saturday, April 24th, 2010, Concentrating the effort between 11 a.m. and noon in

your time zone to create a continuous wave of meditators across the earth. Even a few

minutes of your love during this time can make a difference.

How: Choose any method (see ideas below) that you know works for you, or create your

own, and thank you for adding your energy.

Where: Try to get to any natural body of water during this time (wells, rivers, streams,

ponds, lakes, sea beaches) and offer your energy/blessing. Or, send distance healing/prayer.

Reiki and other forms of energy healing of the water

Distant energy healing of the water

Tuning in to the frequency of the whales

Seeing and feeling the water already pristine and restored to beautiful life

Charging or blessing a tiny amount of clean distilled water and releasing this into an open natural body of water for a rippling effect across the planet (make sure this is allowed in your area)

Casting spells of love and healing

Re-enacting the ancient European ritual of Blessing the Wells

Working with the elementals

Offering healing prayers from your faith tradition

Calling forth angels to assist in our choice for the waters of heaven on earth.

Simply picking up even just one piece of trash on a beach, and properly disposing of it

Organize a group to gather and do ritual. Groups create power.

*Salish Sea Blessing Ceremony Blog:

Co-coordinated with Mary J. Getten,, this is an Interfaith Crossroads event initiated by the World Grace Foundation

We'll be there!


Lana said...

Dear Vardo for Two

What a lovely site, with wonderful subjects for your posts!

As an astrologer and past-life therapist, I once did some interesting work with a sufferer of MCS, and though it was interesting it was not successful in terms of finding a way through.

And thank you for reminding us of the vital importance of water. I live in Norfolk, England - a climate very different from your own.

Thank you for your teachings.

Love and Light,


Mokihana and Pete said...

Aloha Lana,
Welcome here. Thank you so much for your comments. I appreciate your experience with MCS in another; the way through is wide and varied different for each of us.
Yes, water is vital and it's a blessing to know this post has drawn you into our whirl here on Vardo. We are thrilled to hear from you and glad to know you come for visits.
A good day to you,Lana

Mokihana and Pete