Friday, April 2, 2010

'OLENA Easter Eggs ... shades of yellow for a gentler color

We got a sweet Easter card from my son me thinking about the years of Easter baskets I would fill for him when he was a kiddo.  He is an only child, and when I think about the simple hiding hunt-for-the Easter egg things we did for him I wonder and then I remember how fast life really is moving at this age and smile at the card he sends to us who forget what day it is on a regular basis.

This morning as we puttering in the basement I told Pete "We'll need to dye a dozen eggs for Easter."  He turned in my direction but I dare say I heard no comment to the suggestion.  A dozen eggs would sit a long time in our tiny frig but maybe if we had a little fun project to make 'OLENA (turmeric) colored eggs there would be a something to do. 

I found this link to using turmeric over at The Canary Report, part of an article about "PREPARING FOR MCS AWARENESS MONTH."  Yellow is for Canaries ... us who live with MCS as kin to the yellow feathered song birds.  I love the idea of using 'olena, a spice and a root I have used for making preparations for ear aches.  (Squeeze a small nib of fresh 'olena root with a garlic press, into a shallow, small dish.  Add a tiny amount of olive oil/or oil you know you are tolerant of.  Mix the 'olena juice with the oil to blend.  Use a clean glass dropper and suck up the mixture ... it may be thick, that's okay.  Lie with head on a pillow with a cloth that can be washed ... 'olena will color whatever it touches (which is great if you don't mind).  Drop one or two drops of the 'olena oil into one ear, and then the other.  Dap up the drips that will come from your ear and keep a cotton ball bit to cover if you're able to tolerate the cotton.

Here's that link for using turmeric to color hard-boiled eggs.  I think I'd do that this weekend for a fun thing to entertain my dear self.

Have you used other spices or gentle to you egg dyes?

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