Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Canaries Caravan ... a BLOGGERS CARNIVAL to Celebrate MAY MCS Awareness Month

May is MCS AWARENESS Month throughout the globe.  Susie Collins and the community of canaries at The Canary Report have been chirping and organizing for months in preparation for MCS AWARENESS Month.  For our regular readers, the journey of these two old dears as we learn to ID the realities of environmentally triggered illness is what weaves in and out of the stories, posts and links we put here at VardoForTwo.  Over the while those who come to this blog place become witness to the multiple schemes of experiences a being has as the illness and the conditions affect who we have been; and the core of our humanness morphs, uncovers or becomes more and more who we are ... new, different, unexpected, triumphant, shattered, debilitated, recreated.  All or none of these might suit on any one day, at any one moment.

Today is April 1st ... APRIL FOOLS DAY.  A perfect time to announce a sort of bloggers' carnival.  It would be fun and empowering to use that month of may to give voice to the very well and very resilient force of human power alive in the examples of women, men and children who live with MCS.  I'm inspired by the wonderful Astrology Carnival that my cyberpals CJ Wright and Donna Cunningham concocted to celebrate National Astrology Day.  No fool'n!

Here's the idea ...

  • Friday, May 14, Saturday, May 15 and Sunday, May 16 are CANARY CARAVAN Days it's a time to circle the wagons and come to tell our stories.  We who live with the affects of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities are as similar and different as the shades of yellow, or the hues of the color blue; there are so many shades of yellow or blue (or green or purple) and what we know comes from who we are at the core.  Posts by bloggers with links or related articles will appear on VardoForTwo on these three days.  Written to inspire and offer space for the incredibly rich and creative expressions of our lives I hope to circle the wagons for a time of collective strength.

  • I will be chatting behind the scenes with my blogger friends who live and thrive with the realities of a life affected by MCS, hoping to enlist the help of two other bloggers who will also post CANARY CARAVAN stories on their blogs.  Even as I write this to the page, all is not firmly in place so if you have ideas or thoughts please leave me comments or email me at  This is a totally new project for me so please join in.

  • There may be categories of stories over the three days of CANARY CARAVAN.  I'm thinking:
  1. Poetry and Prose:  Words and images poems, a photo essay or short story that reflect your life with MCS
  2. Tools and Practices:  Stories about the medical, physical, emotional and spiritual supportive practices that aid and create foundations for an evolving life

What other categories would you like to see at the CANARY CARAVAN?

We have six weeks to put together some really fun and inspiring blogging that can educate, infuse and make a difference.  If you're interested or curious let me know in the comments or email.


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Liberty said...

this is a REALLY neat idea Mokihana! Upbeat and positive! It's so nice to have that aspect of awareness in addition to the hardship side.
I will cogitate about this and see if I can contribute something!

Mokihana and Pete said...


Glad you think so, I'd love to have your contribution ... let's chat about spreading the love with your readers, too. I think it a great way to educate and inspire.

Thanks so much,