Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Speaking of "The Body Burden" and Rewards for a day lived well

The skies are clearing, puffy white clouds and a blue canvas background make for a beautiful looking Pacific Northwest morning.  Nearly noon and there have been conversations to clear the air of misconception (relationship building Saturn in Libra), mending bones and bonds and the work of building our new business as well.  I have toasted the millet, steamed it up with raisins and poured the freshly-made sesame seed milk to make our breakfasts.  Pete has boiled clean our water jugs, filled them with filtered water and washed the dishes upstairs in the kitchen sink.  My arm is allowing more time on the keyboard ... I listen for indications of 'enoughness' ... work a bit on a this post and plan for a walk on the beach as reward.

Our new business is in the early stages of marketing and advertising:  we have our ad in local papers, Pete's cards are being posted on community boards and handfuls of friends are passing more cards still.  Yesterday Pete began his personal calls to naturopaths and environmental medicine clinics, introducing himself and the business of fragrance and chemical free cleaning.  Today he continued his neighborhood campusing leaving off cards and information at a friend's office, two naturopaths and a yoga class.  I've posted an interesting and information link on FRESH AIR CLEANING about determining the amount of toxic and pollutant material your body carries.  Link here  and give Pete's blog a little traffic.  And if you're a Snohomish or King County Washington state home ower looking for some fresh air cleaning, we are here to do the job.  Yes, this is a bit of shameless self-promotion!  Spread the word!!

P.S. The beach walk was magnificent.  A perfect reward.  Pete and I talked to folk who were so ready for conversation.  A treasure hunter using high tech sweeper scrapped up a piece of old shipwreck and he was rewarded with a huge old square nail still completely intact.  We chatted and I learned not only can he know how deep a bit of metal is below the sand, he can also be told whether it be silver, gold or iron(?).  A young Filipino man was paddle boarding (stand-up long board with single oar) in the water just off shore in Mukilteo State Park.  As I sat tucked between boulders on the rock pile far down the coast Pete and the young man struck up island-connection conversation.  What treats to chat, connect and be with water-fresh air.  Reward indeed, and we are grateful.

What rewards have you given yourself recently?


Joan Tucker said...

...went bowling for first time in 30 years.. stinky shoes and all and I made one strike; played Texas Hold em for first time and won game woohoo, walked alot.. new for me!!!
Trying out new approaches to group activities that I usually hate..
saying no more; trying to live with easy instead of hard.Letting garden mess not get to me. saying no more. Watching Olympia herons at low tide.. fun.

Liberty said...

I love the new photos on your blog!!
your breakfast sounds yummy... I didn't even know sesame milk existed!! It sounds decadent.

Mokihana and Pete said...

Bowling! Yes, yes, yes. We did the same last year in Anacortes. Few strikes and mega-fun. I love this.

Glad you like the photos ... that Leslie Gal has an eye for beauty. And yes, sesame seed milk is wonderful and great for adding calcium if you can tolerate sesame.

April Fooling,

Morvah said...

Beautiful trees Guys! like you our favourite treat is the beach, just wandering along picking up pebbles and watching the birds fills me with peace that I don't find anywhere else (mercury in Pisces) West Cornwall is great for that but not so good for making a living. We do home and garden help so I'm very interested in your methods of cleaning though I don't think people here would be open minded to it, it is really good to know how to do this stuff so thanks! Glad the bones are mending well - testament to your healing powers. Love, Morvah

Mokihana and Pete said...

Aloha Morvah,

Lovely to get your Cornwall message! Another beach-lover. Mercury is in Sag natally, I enjoy many water time to refuel within.

So glad the gentle cleaning methods aid you. Let us know how you weave them into what you do in Cornwall.

Thank you for the good healing wishes.