Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I'M INJURED...arm in a sling made from my pareau, with my elbow wrapped in organic noni fruit leather from Kauai and ti-leaf for Manoa.  Missed the edge of the sidewalk yesterday, and came down hard on my right hand. So...this is asingle-finger leftie post.

Drinking glasses of freshly-made sesame seed milk to aid bone-healing and using my Island-style first aid kit(noni and ti) to ease the pain and mend.  I've used noni in this way to mend a broken foot, and in the painful hours of night as I prayed uncessingly for help ... fearing the worst ... my 'aumakua and guides helped to allow me to believe, "I'm not afraid any longer...my father appeared, spoke in his voice...I remembered the noni in the basement and though I heard Pete finally breathing deep in sleep, I did wake him to help get the noni.  Ater a bit of the while to wake he said, "That's good thinking...NONI, of course"  I said, "That was prayer, not thinking."  There is a difference, for me, I need to shut down the worr-thinking with praying uncessingly...then unexpected solutions (Uranus) have room and I hear.

Send prayers my way, and they will be embraced.  Posts may be sporadic .... Equinox bringing balance ... watch out for uneven surfaces.

A Hui Hou,


Liberty said...

well wishes and prayers for speedy, fruit healing coming your way Mokihana!

Mokihana and Pete said...

thanks libby.