Saturday, March 20, 2010

making good the fall

It's EQINOX and after a week of falling...not very easily, the gifts of my lessons have shown up.  i have at least one hairline break to my elbow ... i took myself into a walk-in clinic 4 days after the fall, prepared as well as i could with an attitude of openness, a good mask, and showing up 1st thing in the morning b4 too many people filled waiting rooms.  the wost exposures for a person with chemical sensitivities is the 'hand sanitizers' highly fragranced and placed everywhere.  Pete helped, stood in line until it was my turn, then signalled through the waiting room window as i waited outside.

The experience took 1.5 hrs. and was a series of hurdles with my name on them. 
1.  FEAR. i don't like going into clinics...yet this was a necessity and was doable.
2.  FINANCES. we will pay oui-of-pocket in crements we can afford.
3.  RADIATION.  i am highly sensitive to xray.  to ck 4 breaks i needed xrays.  late in the afternoon, i went for energy work to move radiation through (NAET and accupuncture) and aid the trauma of the break.

4.  ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT.  i miss/mourn the loss of so many past successes.  futile really;  though this post is less pretty than some, it's an expression of aging truth that needs to be put down, valued for it's making good the fall.  Jots is stretched acoss my lap, slinged writing/writing hand immobilized i put this out to be part og the chronicle.  'OLE CYCLE of review starts tomorrow and EQUINO X...SPRING is now. 

There's a bonanza of gold happening astrologically  ... a blog-fest with articles to help us learn to appreciate gravity, among other thins.  The link that follows is wonderful insight.  The ruby of inspiration for me came with a long and healing phone chat with my 37 yr old son who is mirroring true 'gold.'  i'm at the end of this lap arounf the keyboard and i.m dizzy from searching for the right letters.

look to the night sky in the north heminsphere for a spectacular MOON AND PLEIDES partership.  HAPPY SPRING!  uNTIL after the 'ole nights (4 of them starting Sunday).

aloha, Mokihana


Joan Tucker said...

Sending bone healing; hope you enjoy the moon and Pleiades's if we can see through cloud cover.


Liberty said...

thinking of you Mokihana.
congratulations on the hard step of going to get your arm checked out.
self-care in the face of reasonable fear is both a victory and an affirmation of you valuing yourself!
I commend you :-)

golden healing bone vibes coming your way

Mokihana and Pete said...

jt and libby, thank u both so much.

Morvah said...

Hello there, I am Morvah from the far west of Cornwall UK. I have been visiting your blog sometimes since I found it through Kachina. Yours is a very interesting journey which inspires me as well as I feel it to be an important teaching. I feel for your fear at the clinic - something similar happened to me last week - it is so good to face our fears but takes a lot of energy doesn't it? Here we use a herb called comfrey to mend bones - it is magically effective, I wonder if your Noni is similar family? (Boraginacae) Wishing you the very best of healing I will hold you in light My best regards, Morvah

Mokihana and Pete said...

Aloha Morvah,
I am so happy to find your comment. Linking through Kachina is very wonderful!

Cornwall has long been a place that has interested me ... novels and wanderous places have included your home.

Fearing the clinic was a big step for me. What I used, the Noni, is very similar to Comfrey ... not the same family. Noni is a fruit. Comfrey though is the other herb I have been using. I know how powerful the knitting properties of comfrey are and have used it to aid my lower back and arm. I am grateful for your healing light and will embrace it for it is most valuable.

Thank you.