Saturday, March 28, 2009

BUILDING THE VARDO: Making rope, hanging the door, sitting inside

I'm sewing thick cord rope piping for the corners of the front and back wall. There it is winding out of the basket.

Our long time favorite sun, moon and stars blanket that I have had for more than fifteen years is now our throw rug. The green edge in the picture is a foldable slantboard I've had for many years, it will be our couch's old foam, and we'll see how I respond to it as a vardo couch.
The front door is in. The window glass, glass pineapple door knob, latch, trim and stenciling still need to be done ... but what a nice thing to see the door and be able to walk through it.

It's a nasty sort of damp day. And yet, we have been INSIDE together in a tile wiped and vacuumed VARDOFORTWO. You know the sensation of drinking hot tea with honey on a cold day ... well being together in there was pretty close to that delicious first sip of hot tea.

Closer, ever closer.

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