Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WHILE Mending My Nets...

Sometimes while "mending my nets"* during `ole days, something comes up that begs to be shared.

Today's Swami Beyondananda Wakeup Laughing Bit ... (you can find them everyday by going to "The Humor Stick" over on my other blog Makua O`o ( ABOUT 'FUNKY JUNKY' is just too funny ... I'm laughing at myself, talk about mending my nets!
What to do with funky junk:
Turn da funk inta function
leave da junk at da junction.

- Swami Beyondananda

* This "mending my nets" analogy comes from the regular practice fisherfolk would do during the `ole days when the ocean conditions called for no fishing. To prepare for the days and nights when fishing was excellent, the nets would need to be in excellent repair.

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