Sunday, March 22, 2009

Personal Investment

As any experienced traveler will tell you, even though investing in this market can be hard work and requires ample amounts of energy, its by far the safest personal investment you could ever make.

by Jean-Jacques

Part of the incredible nature of the internet is its access to the voices I imaged ... and then find by linking from site to site. The quote above comes from a post called "Safer than houses" written by Jean-Jacques N. author of the blog The Gypsy Cafe, a new site on our Life Savers and Safety Nets link. There are modern day nomads and gypsies wandering Earth in wondrous fashion, and that brings a smile to my face.

In the past couple of days I have received phone calls from two friends I have been out of touch with for awhile. "It's a good thing you still have this phone number," my old college chum said before we hung up. I told her that the old cellphone number may be no longer when we head to the woods. She remains undeterred and just asked to know the lan phone number of the 'mother-ship' that will be our anchor in the woods. The other friend who called this weekend has a name and attitude as bright as light itself. She never knows where she'll find me when she calls, and that doesn't stop her from calling. Both friends simply called to reconnect, get updates on our life, and give same to me. They don't question or judge our choices. They simply support us for the path we walk and know the risk of a gypsy style life is learned with each new stretch of the archer's bow at a new target. Paulo Coelho an old favorite philosopher and world investment fan would call both these friends 'allies.' Paul Coelho is another new addition to our Life Savers and Safety Nets. Personal investment ... I appreciate that.

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