Sunday, March 29, 2009

BUILDING THE VARDO: Laua'e for the door

It has been a beautiful sunny Sunday. Pete's out at the Green Festival at Seattle Center, I've been to the West Seattle Farmer's Market to get my last (at least for now) slabs of frozen salmon from our favorite fishermen, chatted with some of the wonderful farmers and vendors who have made living in the city such fun, and then had time to get in a few hours of stenciling before the sunny front yard turned shady and cool.

Here's the result so far...three small ferns and a was fun to be milk painting in the sunshine! The days are getting much longer, the birds are so happy to find a new scatter of millet on the sidewalk and I'm glad Jots is asleep and not rousting them from their feast.

One week till hitch-up ...


Rima said...

Hehe! I remember when we had our first cuppa in our wheeled home! Such a great feeling :) How exciting that you are only a week away! Will that be it? Will it be your only home then?
Sending happy hugs from over here :)

Mokihana and Pete said...

Aloha, Rima,

We are busy with the business of making curtains and finishing ... and yes, VARDOFORTWO will be our only home. We will connect with friends who live in the woods, because we will need electricity, share making meals in their kitchen & have a hot tub to soak in.:) THANKS!THANKS FOR THE HAPPY HUGS from over there. Mokihana