Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Poisonous Apple Illness

"Snow White Takes a Bite from the Poisonous Apple"
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Visitors and readers who come to VARDOFORTWO may or may not know the multiple stories that come from living a life with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Yesterday "The Storyteller" who writes the story of Sam and Sally on our twin blog had a very revealing chapter to share ... with me and any others who came to visit. I invite you to click here for the whole chapter, and read how the transformation begun here at VARDOFORTWO is going for Sam and Sally.

Here is a small excerpt from the chapter, "She who watches"

"The experiences of the Poisonous Apple Illness serve as daily markers for Sensitives like Sam and Sal. The Earth has called upon the Sensitives to keep track of all the choices that harm."

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