Friday, March 20, 2009


The ancient yellow climbing rose has started to sprout new growth. Last year's rose hips still hang in there too. With tomorrow's Spring crossroads coming up it was good to look appreciatively at how the new comes through, old hips or not.

Today I come to the keyboard and keep the dream, of a transformative life, alive with appreciation for these 10 people and things:

1. I appreciate new growth.

2. I appreciate my old hips.

3. I appreciate my old friends.

4. I appreciate our new home in the making.

5. I appreciate balance when it comes.

6. I appreciate a new recipe that works!

7. I appreciate surrender.

8. I appreciate a good laugh.

9. I appreciate our digital camera.

10. I appreciate Pete.

I appreciate these things today. Hope grows. Innovation comes when I make room for it by taking time to be calm in the busy-ness.

Hurrah for the day of balance ... Spring Equinox! Mokihana

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