Monday, March 23, 2009

Trust the universe, tether our camels and Feng Shui

In so many ways I live a life of symbolism and am challenged to navigate the concrete world. Perhaps the greatest opportunities for us come from knowing how much I value the symbolism and make everyday rituals present everywhere I turn. Today has been a mixed bag of tricks I knew I'd need a few naps ... so, I've been napping and tinkering with a few of my favorite everyday rituals. Every where we have lived, on each island in the Pacific where we have made a home, including the inside of our faithful "Scout" the Subaru I have brought my understanding of Feng Shui to clear, bless and balance with respect, the places we make our home. The inside of VARDOFORTWO fits easily into the eight-sided shape of the traditional Bagua. To keep things simple I focus on two "corners" as I start to be inside: 1) the left-hand corner and the center of the home. The left-hand corner is the prosperity or wealth corner. It is the corner that when in harmony, will attract all that 'abundance' means to us. 2) the center of our home is the health or true center of all ... the balancing point... and we need that. It is said that if some area of your life is out of balance, and you're not quite sure where that imbalance is, harmonize and pay attention to the middle.

The photo above is the Center of VARDOFORTWO ... the health of our home ... I've hung my crystal from the center beam to encourage harmony, and clear what needs to be cleared. Yellow is a good color for health ... with that in mind we have painted the ceiling a muted yellow-green and may yet paint it again with a true yellow.

The crystal seems to be reflecting beautiful light there ... happy, happy !
I love this photo of Pete's walking stick, his o`o, in the Prosperity and Abundance Corner. In a very meaningful way the simplicity and usefulness of that stick placed in the left-hand corner is an everyday ritual of acknowledgement. Simple Works. The stainless walls reflect that stick in a spacey dazey way. Amplifying the intention. It's ALIVE and we are thankful.

We are great fans of leaving MESSAGES FOR THE WATER we drink. See the photo below: Today I wrote out a new message for our water, perfect reminder for me when I start feeling allergic to my own DNA ... ie. holding on to thoughts and body messages that are no longer good for me. That new message is on the freshly filled water in the kitchen. I'm drinking that as soon as I'm pau with this post:)

The photo above is one of the "tether our camels" sort of practices. I use powered milk and baking soda to wash and rewash fabric that I get from thrift shops that need to be de-stinked of smells, and use those two simple products for all our clothes washing these days. Learning how to live without buying a lot of off-the-shelf cleaning products is both a MCSmart tether our camel practice and a wise way to use our resources. Before I cut and stitch the fabric (pictured on the VERY TOP) everything goes through the milk and soda washing routine. We do so appreciate the many, many days and nights of having this very good washing machine. We have had other days when washing everything we owned by hand in a bucket was our choice (and it worked with some practice).


Anonymous said...

What does the milk do?

Mokihana and Pete said...

Anonymous, Hi~
The milk molecules bond to the molecules of formaldyhyde (spelling?). Since so many cleaning products have formaldydhyde in them I figured it was worth a try. That's how I started using the milk. I wash in hot water, and let the clothes soak a few minutes before finishing the wash cycle and then rinse. If I can find the original article I'll post it here on the comments.

Aloha, Mokihana

Mokihana and Pete said...

Here is one link that describes use of milk as part of a laundering routine for MCSers. Page down on this site and find LAUNDERY or laundering ... read what was written there regarding use of milk on NEW COTTON.

Anonymous said...

I believe the message for the water
should face inward, face the water.

The vardo is beautiful. It's
truly a work of art.


Mokihana and Pete said...

Sylvia, Hello! Yes, you are right the message does need to face inward toward the water. Thanks for the encouraging message from your dear self about the vardo. It is our living work of art (smiles).