Thursday, March 19, 2009

BUILDING THE VARDO: "Piecing the tank"

The image at the top ... "Piecing the tank" is a thousand steps into the landscape of imagining a way to wall the vardo with as few reaction triggers as possible. Pete has been measuring, cutting, trimming, setting and fitting for a couple weeks. He is cutting each stainless steel sheet with tin snips. If you look closely, the pieces in the upper corner are loose ... he'll be screwing those panels in as I write this.


These yellow cotton curtains will come with us into VARDOFORTWO ... it helps me to see the piecing of the tank with these curtains ... Once Pete is pau with the piecing, we paint the ceiling, wash the stainless of the oil lubricant they put on the steel sheets (using the dish soap we use ... PLANET Uncolored & Unscented is the brand and varieyt), and then I'll be trimming and stitching up the yellow cotton curtains to fit the four windows. Old colored flannel sheets, a treasured quilt and favorite fabrics we have used 'safely' for months/years will become wall coverings and fabric panels.

IMAGINATION is the landscape of tomorrow's yet to be.
Our life as builders of a multiple chemical sensible
wee home on a trailer is all about

being open to imagine something yet to be.

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