Friday, March 6, 2009

DREAM COMING TRUE WEEK 18: Consistent or Consistently Inconsistent

Photo Credit: Maui Sunset

Today marks 18 weeks of making the Dream Coming True a priority. It's a weekly opportunity to CELEBRATE WHAT'S GOOD! I come to the keys and make time to say: "This is important, and these are the things and people I appreciate." We have put our attention where our dreams are and doing our best is what we bring to each day. Some days, our best is gigantic. Other days, we bump into obstacles and fall back, bump into another obstacle and fall back again. `Ole days come and we get to review our decisions and our choices and reconnoiter. In 18 weeks we have had to back up on several decisions, decide again and find something new to fill the gap. There's so much to learn in a day ... and in a lifetime there seems more to unlearn because some things 'don't bake!"

I had a long, delicious talk-story with my brother today. The first one we've had all year. We are two years apart and have been very close in times past, then grew apart as life paths move that way. Now, as we are miles apart once again, we are seeing the 'reasons' for closeness again. "Consistent or consistently inconsistent?" Which is it? We laughed at that because without having to go into the blah, blah, blahs of a lifetime, we saw the humor of trying to make some one something they aren't.

Nearly sunset, Friday and the Dream is still coming true.

The 10 things I appreciate today are:

1. I appreciate my brother...chuckles and smiles ~~

2. I appreciate Debra Lynn Dadd.

3. I appreciate beaches.

4. I appreciate bulk bins of grains, beans and spices.

5. I appreciate Emmy Lou Harris' smokey voice.

6. I appreciate full circles.

7. I appreciate coming through the eye of needles.

8. I appreciate good comics.

9. I appreciate toasted millet.

10. I appreciate Pete.

All of these all good! Hot damn. Hope you have a list of good things to celebrate today.

Cheers! Mokihana

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