Saturday, March 14, 2009

Laua`e, Ti Leaf and Hydrangea

It rained last night, soaking the ground and settling the cotton dust that was creating confusion for my head and lungs. ~~ Clear headed I went looking for the threads of these two dears' journey ...

The dried ti leaf dangles below the trailer ... prayer flag
The laua`e makes me smile ... sweet island ferns travel with us
Dried hydrangea ... last year's blossoms ... we started this journey that year.


Rima said...

Wow hello to fellow wheely folk :)
Wonderful to meet you and your project...
Wouldn't it be great to park side by side one day? :)
We shall be following your doings....
And as for dust between the floor tiles.. you should see the gaps in our floorboards!!
All best wishes from this vardo to that! Rima

Mokihana and Pete said...

ALOHA, Rima, our fellow wheely folk.
I love that you have come to visit!!!
Yes, in deed it would be so grand to park beside you and share a cup of tea.
We make things up as we go, and look forward to time in the woods, stories that tug to be told, and friends, friends, friends.
Thank you vardo sister and brother:)We are with you, too. Mokihana