Saturday, February 28, 2009

'OLE DAYS ... Sunday through Wednesday

The next 'ole cycle of the Hawaiian Moon Calendar starts Sunday, March 1st and lasts through Wednesday. We'll see you after these refresh days. Take a look at some of the newer Life Savers and Safety Net Sites AND the "Hawaiian Moon Calendar ...secrets for sustainable living" link over to the right for some interesting things going on:

  • Liberty over at Moving Beyond MCS shares a hopeful journey of noticing and attending to the improvements in her life with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

  • Susie Collins at The Canary Report is in the process of making changes and wider services, so although she is one of our long-time valuable links there may be new views on The Canary Report during the next four days ... you never know.

'Ole days give us a chance to pause a bit, slow down and let life gentle up a little. Happy March.

Cheers. Mokihana


Liberty said...

Happy March Mokihana!
I hope these days are refreshing and renewing for you.

Thanks for mentioning my blog. The link for it is (the one above didn't work - was missing the word 'moving' in front of it :)

I'm feeling a little dense/slow today and realise I don't totally understand what 'Ole Days' are. I tried looking it up but didn't have much luck. Do you have a post where you have described what they are for you?

much light,

Mokihana and Pete said...

Thank you. I will make that correction to your link. As for the explanation of `ole days the link that I have added to the top of the side bar will give you an exceptional view of the Hawaiian perspective to true sustainability. Earlier posts under the archives 'ole days will give you links to another great view of 'ole days.

If after you read these two links you still have more questions, email me ... this is one of my most favorite things ... the moon calendar ... I WILL WRITE MORE ABOUT IT SOON.

I love hearing from you,