Friday, February 20, 2009

DREAM COMING TRUE WEEK 16: Appreciation List

It's a sunny Seattle day, and I appreciate it! I've already been to the beach for some fresh air and a bit of a walk, returning a chunk of beach rust I brought home yesterday. I found a small and nearly invisible sea critter ALIVE on the rust ... aiyah someone was living on that. It was too late to drive back to the beach last night. Yikes, the karma. First thing this morning, while it was still very foggy I told Pete I'd be taking the rust and the critter back.

Dreams come true only if you dream them by appreciating 10 things right here on this post. I've already written a long post on my favorite dream of a SAVING CIRCLE today, and now for the 16th week running I make this blog page my witness to the magnificent and the minute delights for which I am appreciative.


1. I appreciate water, fresh clean water, salty water, brackish water, rain water.

2. I appreciate weather.

3. I appreciate hot steaming cooked rice.

4. I appreciate a lapse in memory, mine or yours.

5. I appreciate whistling.

6. I appreciate bowls of almost any kind and size.

7. I appreciate welcomes.

8. I appreciate joy.

9. I appreciate unexpected gifts.

10. I appreciate Pete.

What's on your appreciation list?
Hope you have some fun today. Cheers! Mokihana

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