Sunday, February 22, 2009

Microfinance Success Stories

I've begun beating my drum to the tune of Savings Circles as a way to build a community that can and would wish to support me and Pete as we hitch VARDOFORTWO to a truck and begin Tiny Home life with friends. From the lack of comments so far, I wonder whether the concept of small and intimate financial support systems rings any bells for our readers? I hope in time, the readers who began sharing this Vardo building journey with us will see the possibilities of micro-finance in American/North American/Countries not (yet) defined as part of the identified poor.

While we are waiting for the spark to catch you, I have been out scanning the blosphere for people and stories that might be feeding on the same Stew of Solutions that I enjoy. Today Pete was doing his surf on the net and said, "Take a look at this ..." This turned out to be a story on Fire Dog Lake about a microfinance success story in Ghana. This is just what I was searching for. Beyond my usual travels on the blog trail, Pete led me to a place where I could beat my drum with like-thinkers. Here is the link to that story: and the comments that are growing there.

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