Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Easy Breezie Barley Bread & Holy Water

I first learned of Masaru Emoto when I saw the movie "What the bleep do we know." Pete and I were living in Iao Valley on Maui. The movie contained thoughts and ideas that resonated ... made sense to us. I was beginning to feel the effects of chemical sensitities -- lung damage from burning cane smoke and mold ... ever the seeker, I listened to Emoto's thoughts about the way WATER will COLLECT and BECOME the emotions, thoughts, words, music it hears.

Years later ... today in our VARDOFORTWO life, we collect filtered water from our R.O. filter system in glass jugs that used to be filled with our favorite cider. Around the glass jug I hang single loving words to turn that filtered water into our own 'holy' water.
Words we 'tell' the water: MAHALO (Appreciation, Thank you!)
We drink Appreciation, Love and More and Joy, and add it to all our recipes. That might be the secret ingredient ;))

Here is a link to a review of Masaru Emoto's work from Akemi Gaines. It's interesting, and inspired me to finally start talking to our water.

Here's a picture of the EASY BREEZIE BARLEY BREAD just coming out of the toaster oven. Pricked in circles and cut in wedges. Ono!


Akemi - Yes to Me said...

Hi, thank you for the mention. Your bread looks yummy!

Mokihana and Pete said...

Akemi, The link is important ... fun to spread the word on holy water ;-}And the bread, it is delicious and oh so easy to make.