Monday, February 9, 2009

BUILDING THE VARDO: It's still winter

We woke to a reminder that it's still winter. And, from many places on the Earth, a complete Lunar Eclipse will be visible in the night sky as well. So, here we are in Seattle, being with All the Is taking a few more steps to getting the inside of VARDFORTWO finished and liveable.

Here's what we've been doing:

The walls

  • I've ordered a second bunch of organic cotton samples, this time from Near the Sea a great web-store in New Mexico.
  • Pete is out and about buying a single sheet of stainless steel
Our combined thinking (not over-thinking, thank you) and intuition about the walls goes something like this:
  1. Insulate (using staples)with the denim batting we already have. Using the materials we have already purchased makes a lot of sense, and blesses the use of our resources we do have without spending what we don't have. Does that make sense? With prayers to the angels and guardians we attract wise direction ... a magnificent solution!!
  2. Cover the denim with Denny Foil (use staples and if I sense the need, cover the staple holes with tiny strips of Denny tape) to seal out any smell ~
  3. Install (using screws) panels of stainless steel as walls. The need for more paint or the possibility that the oak and paint smells could lead to reactions is avoided. Stainless is very easy to clean.
  4. Here's where the draping of organic cotton panels could be the beautiful and warming touch over our stainless steel walls. The swatches from Near the Sea cost only 50 cents a piece and they mail through US Post, which is very responsible.
This post is as much a visual affirmation of belief that a magnificent solution is in the making. This journey is about transforming and BE-coming two dears living in our beloved VARDOFORTWO.
This post written while it is still winter is like my weekly Dream Coming True posts in that when I commit to writing the real process of thinking-intuition and action the 'dream' gathers collective love!!!

The sun is brilliant as I finish.

Cheers, have some fun today.

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