Friday, February 6, 2009

DREAM COMING TRUE WEEK 14: The Power of Believing

Welina ... Welcome. The sun is hiding behind the sweatshirt today, the vardo is wrapped up again, and breakfast is cooking. Barley and grated apple biscuits and a hard-cooked egg. Something to inspire me to get this dream on the screen and into the hands of the community of believers.

I love how our weekly Dream Coming True posts are planting the seed of believing dreams come true. Last week two of our friends and VARDOFORTWO readers were inspired to spend part of this amassing DREAM MONEY on community collaborations that make a difference in their lives. Thanks Susie and Ruth for joining in on the collective energy of believing.

With each new week Pete and I grow the original dream of building a home of transformation, VARDOFORTWO is the physical reality, our journey no less real ... we share the process with you. The coming Spring offers Pete and me the next step of connecting with others to create "a village." Our exact direction and the friends who will love and support us are in the hands of the Great Gypsy Caravaneer ... Like building our tiny home the steps are small, yet steady. So this morning, we bless the budding SPRING and embrace it with appreciation.

Here we go with Week 14's DREAM COMING TRUE Post:

This week I have $819,200 of DREAM MONEY (To clarify: DREAM MONEY is a symbol of the abundance we wish to attract. The abundance is in the making, in the believing this money or an equivalent value is available to us. We do not have this money or its equivalent in our pockets, yet.) to spend ... oooolahlah the dream grows! I choose to spend and save this dream money in this way:

I tithe 10%: $81,920 on interest free loans to people I know who are investing in collective and gentle-on-the-earth creative homesteading. Remaining dream money: $737,280

I invest 25% of the $737,280: $188,640 in establishing the VARDOFORTWO Gypysy Homestead with an existing Intentional Community. Linking us with others ... people, land and resources. Serving as a model for eco-living and organic gardening, spiritual connection and collective/creative resource sharing.

I offer the remaining dream money: $588,640 to our readers to describe and envision spending on projects and collective living/education/organic farming/resource sharing ventures in their global environment.

How would you spend all or a portion of this remaining dream money?

This week the 10 things I appreciate are:

1. I appreciate the loving and supportive friends I have in this world.

2. I appreciate smells that delight me.

3. I appreciate a changed and positive attitude.

4. I appreciate honey bees.

5. I appreciate the taste of warm biscuits.

6. I appreciate a well-written letter.

7. I appreciate trade winds.

8. I appreciate the sound of chanting.

9. I appreciate effortless movement.

10. I appreciate Pete.

Have some fun today. Cheers, Mokihana


Liberty said...

I love this idea!

I'd spend dream money on buying a piece of land, building a communal building for MCSers to congregate in and making campsites on the land for people with MCS to stay on while they rejuvenated themselves amidst fresh air and healing wilderness.

I, too, greatly appreciate bees. I read a journal entry from this past summer in which I wrote about (during camping) loving waking up to the sound of bees busily harvesting pollen. A wonderful hum!

Thank you so much for reminding me of this!

happy bee energy

Mokihana and Pete said...

Liberty, This is just the collective positive energy of abundance I'M TALKING AND VIBRATING TO. Oh yes, yes, yes. I love your dream of a communal building for MCSers to congregate. Campsites, yurts are wonderful options for more 'permanent' portable campsites. And fresh air healing energy.

Those bees are the love bug, making honey knowing others will eat it, love it, thrive on it. Bless the bees.

Thank YOU. Bee seeing yah. Mokihana