Friday, February 13, 2009


These weekly Dream Coming True posts have been a good exercise in consistency. This week I've decided to expand the Dream Coming True with a series of articles called "What is a Saving Circle?" The first one is already posted ... check it out. So, rather than growing my DREAM MONEY, I'm choosing to grow the dream of acting as if there are people interested and willing to learn about REAL Resource Building.

So, I begin DREAM COMING TRUE WEEK 15 with: Part I of "What is a Saving Circle?" posted on VARDOFORTWO. Rather than dream money, I start with an investment of education ... something of value to me. This is the only part of the process that changes.

The 10 things I appreciate this week are:

1. I appreciate chocolate bars without soy lecithin.

2. I appreciate DQ chocolate dipped cones. (the secret is out!)

3. I appreciate knowing "I don't know is a good answer."

4. I appreciate delightful surprises.

5. I appreciate shore birds flying.

6. I appreciate goofy friends.

7. I appreciate sweet hearts.

8. I appreciate the taste of black cherry jam.

9. I appreciate new solutions.

10. I appreciate Pete.

Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow dear readers, tomorrow is Valentine's Day and the first of the three days of `Ole Days. We will rest from posts until Tuesday of next week, the 17th of February.

Have some fun today.
Cheers! Mokihana

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