Thursday, February 5, 2009

Moving Beyond MCS: You Are Magnificent! (AWEsome EFT video)

Moving Beyond MCS: You Are Magnificent! (AWEsome EFT video)

Here's something that inspired me to choose magnificence ... WHY NOT!!


Ruth R. said...

Hi Mokihana,
This video has become my morning ritual gets me off to a good start, with energy and a vibrancy that I've needed for so long now! Thank you for posting it on your site, too!
It is a joy to see the progress of your Vardo....I can just see you and Pete living in it, loving every minute, and feeling snug as two bugs in a rug!!! Picture that!! (smile)
Have a wonderful day whatever you are doing,

Mokihana and Pete said...

Aloha Ruth,
I know what you mean the TAPPING is a wonderful source ... I ALWAYS WANTED to be a tap dancer, and now I AM ONE! In such great company, too.

Thank you for the collective picture ....ummmm, love it, love it, love it. Mokihana and Pete

Ruth R. said...

Hi again!
I may be taking a short course in EFT next month...there is an EFT therapist who is offering it at the University Extension here in my town....who knows,it may become an outlet for me to earn some much needed $$, if
I can get certified in it. I have been wanting to get back to work and just assumed that I can not do it because of the MCS....if I had a private practice, I could stipulate in my ads that clients need to be fragrance-free. Oh, the
thoughts are dancing around in my head right now!!!!
Sleep well,

Mokihana and Pete said...

Ruth, That's fantastic, MAGNIFICENT. Of course that's possible ... imagine the greatest outcome ... a dream coming true. My environmental doc has a great sign to 'enter fragrance free' on his door. He said, "Kinko's made it...unsafe place to be, but they'll make anything you like."

Have you had your weekly dose of a dream coming true post of your own? Think so, it's working looks like it.

Love and good sleep to you, Mokihana

Liberty said...

I'm glad you posted this too Mokihana - the more people know about it, the more magnificence in the world!

Ruth I think your idea of being an EFT practitioner is wonderful. Gary Craig is very enthusiastic about EFT being done over the telephone and I'd estimate that at least half of the practitioners listed in his directory offer phone work as an option. I know some EFT practitioners work almost entirely on the telephone! It's what I want to do as well - a totally MCS-safe career(if one is okay with the phone). No need to even have an office!
You can even get certified from home if you can afford to buy the DVDs which are the study material.

I am sending love and encouragement to those thoughts dancing around in your head!
May your dreams become reality :-)


Mokihana and Pete said...

Liberty, So great to have your sharing here. I love how you're spreading this information about EFT ... Ruth, this is marvelous, magnificent and how inspiring for you AND ME, too. What a wonderful form of inspired action in the making. Abundance and magnificence multiplying right before your eyes. Spirit guides are directing great flow ... thank you!!

Love to you and Cheers, Mokihana