Friday, May 7, 2010

Back on an island again and CANARY CARNIVAL update

We - Pete, JOTS and me, are living on an island again, at least for the next while.  With lots of help from friends and neighboring contruction dudes, Pete was able to maneuver Bernadette the Beast of a WorkTruck and our VardoForTwo from its parking place in the Mill Town of Everett, Wa.  Several months ago I began communicating with MCS friends who own a cottage on the south end of Whidbey Island, just across the Sound from Everett.  The slow and clear communication process has paid off; we have an arrangement that suits the four people involved.  Our vardo is parked in the most level landing pad to date, our extension cord plugs into the east-side of the cottage and we are again parked in beautiful Northwestern woods.  This time, the tree-skins are those of cedar in the main with fir and pine to round-out the company.  A settled home where all the conscious choices of a fragrance free and chemical free environment are intact is a big first for us!  We are renting and working in trade a cottage with kitchen and bathrooms and a laundry set-up with no one else.  We are in a place alone, for the first time in years.  Our vardo continues to serve as safe and predictable sleeping haven and place of refuge and JOTS is a woods kitty again.

Our six-month stay in the Mill Town ended with new and evolving awareness.  MCS is a complex illness that requires such diligence and the energy to maintain stability and recovery is hard work.  The emotional-physical and relationship dynamics of living with multiple chemical sensitivities is difficult.  There is no way 'round it.  Each time we move our selves and the Vardo, there are expected and unexpected costs, losses and triumphs.  We give thanks to the friends who offer their space and their friendship on this journey of extremes and pray for the courage to make changes to ourselves one day at a time, one experience at a time.

In the next few days (in a week!) the first CANARY CARNIVAL will happen here on VardoForTwo.  The diverse experiences, Tools, Allies and Prose from people who live with this environmental illness will be posted on Friday, May 14th, Saturday, May 15th and Sunday, May 16th.  The inspiration and energy for this three day project began before our move from the Mill Town.  The project will happen ... yet, there will be adjustments because I am on the move and my access to blogging and internet is subject to 'the public.'  That is ... I use this library computer 59 minutes at a time and IF there are no scents or fragrances to prevent it.

HERE's a SHOUT TO ALL OUR CANARY FRIENDS AND ALLIES, who have been working on a submission for the three day Canary Carnival.  Please try to get your writing to me via email by Monday MAY 10TH.  I have less time to do individual emails to followup so, I hope you're following us here.  I know things will work out just as they ought with this Carnival ... so no pressure, no worry.  I'm excited to get the Canary Carnival Tents up next week ... and whatever we have under those tents will be perfect for awareness comes in degrees and that's just what is needed more and more degrees of awareness about WHAT IS MCS?

My 10 minutes warning flashed, so it's time to say a hui hou (till next time). 

Take care,
Mokihana and Pete


Joan Tucker said...

Moki, Glad to hear your site worked out. I will email my contribution for canary days. JT

Mokihana and Pete said...

Thank you Joan,
I'll be in touch early in the week. Mokihana

Lana said...

Good luck to you both, I am captivated by your story. Although your activities are determined by MSC there is a great vitality about what you are doing.

Mokihana and Pete said...


The internet is an amazing stage, that someone I would never have met reads your story is what any autheor experiences. To get feedback that says 'there is a great vitality about what you are doing' is supportive of an expression of a life not imagined by most ... and yet, the reality of our life could be anyones.

Thank you Lana for your kind words.

Liberty said...

hi Mokihana,

how wonderful to be on an island again! and back in the woods!

i sent my (late!) entry via email. please let me know if there are any problems with it.