Saturday, May 15, 2010

Poetry from Anita Freshair ... "Sad Songs not by Elton John

A Canary's song is sweet

Usually it's true

Her rolling chirps and tweets

So nice to listen to

But Karen sings a sad song

While in her cage she sits

"I can't stay here for long

This place is just the pits"

Crowded out by toxic scents

In a toxic neighboorhood

She must move to the country

Where the air is fresh and good

Karen's song's more sad these days

She'd like to tell you why

It's tough to maintain her chirpy ways

She doesn't want to cry

But one by one

She lost each one

Who once had said

They care

It hurts a lot

Hope's all she's got

They'll stop

Wearing what they wear

Would they ask her to walk

On her broken bird leg?

Or stick sweets

In her diabetic beak?

Would they force her to cheep

With laryngitis?

Give bird blood when she's

Already weak?

She's invisibly ill

So she let's out a shrill

'Cause it seems like

No one can see

Would you care if it was

Your daughter or son?

Would you care

If you were like she?

She awaits her new home

It won't be too long

She'll keep having hope

She'll sing a new song

Daisy O authors a blog about her life with MCS, and the building of a safe haven of a tiny home on wheels.  Her poems penned as "Anita Freshair" are the heart-felt renderings of a young woman in the process of reassembling her life. 

Mahalo, Daisy!

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