Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mercury getting ready to I MUA (go forward) ... and so do we

It's a life filled with more unexpected whats, whos and wheres.  I am at the submerged screen of work station #4 in the Langley library here on Whidbey Island.  A corner of preschoolers are gabbering, and a mom is reading "The Pirate and the Penguin."  It's not easy to concentrate on my 'mission' yet, that's okay ... my mission is a morphing thing I think.  Mercury, the planet of communication has been in retrograde, so the action of forward motion has reserved for the past three weeks.  That changes after today; and that is good.  We have taken advantage of reviewing and readjusting ... finding ourselves on an island in the middle of the Salish Sea, in Washington State ... or in the land of First Peoples who call it other names.

Our VardoForTwo is happy being under a starry starry sky surrounded by dark nights and tall trees.  The conveniences of modern life avail themselves to us ... we have electricity to heat our tiny home, a washer, kitchen and bathroom all of them shared resources that we rent and work for in exchange for a place to be anchored to Earth-time.  JOTS is at home alone, out and about in the woods in the bright of day; and at night we pour her into her carrier and lock her in.  There are large hootie owls and coyotes among the predators of a real and wild forrest.  One owl stocked our dear dear JOTS the other night, and the message became clear:  "Keep her safe at night inside the warm carrier.  That is as much as we can do." 

That is what we do with our own dear selves and our recreating life.  The community of stars and astrology give me an angle that opens positive options when I am in despair, and the work and program of the Al-Anon 12 Steps provide me tangible spiritual discipline when I slip into old and non-functional habits.  MCS is a vehicle of incredible structure making.  PErhaps my six decades have fashioned something that makes my deep searching native disposition ever resilient and hopeful.  I am learning at this later stage, to really accept my life as I find it.  That would be 'humility' the First Step in becoming intimate with a power greater than the losses, challenges, limitations, unexpected exposures, choices that are out of my control.

The corner filled with pre-schoolers is quiet.  Oh, how I am grateful that the sounds did not make for a judgemnt of 'noise' and interruption.  It was a brief and fully alive few minutes. 

I have a few precious minutes left at Work Station #4 ... 33 minutes by the clock in the corner; and there is a CANARY CARNIVAL TO ORGANIZE AND PREPARE.  I'm leaving this post here, to say ... bear with me as I adjust to the limitations that are real in my ability to take the submissions including beautiful photos and artwork that might not be easy/possible for me to manipulate from the library.  There is still time to figure it out, and however the final posts appear, a huge MAHALO for the work and the heart that has gone into the submissions.  They are valuable and I so love the creativity expressed in each of them.

It is a lovely day, and with gratitude and appreciation I enjoy my own company and send these words/thoughts to you who visit here at VardoForTwo and hope the company you are in values you, too.


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