Friday, May 14, 2010

WELINA! WELCOME! ALOHA, The first Canary Caravan Carnival BEGINS

MCS Awareness Month throughout the Planet is in full-swing.  MAY is half way through it's calendar days, the real lives of all sentient beings are being lived in magnificently unique fashion.  Those of us who live with the reality, limitations and structure of environmental illness (EI) or MCS are a minority often silent or invisible to the society of humans in all corners, cities and environs. 

This first time for us on VardoForTwo bloggers carnival began weeks ago with a dream inspired by other blogging communities as a way to express the resilience, challenges and realities of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.  When I introduced this project, I did it knowing the possibility that we would be 'on the move and limited in our access to resources' ... The possibility is here.  I blog from behind my "I Can Breathe" carbon-filtered mask seated at the shared library computer in Langley, Washington on Whidbey Island.  The Carnival continues with adjustments.  The horns, bells, and whistles of the internet are a bit limited and yet, what I can do is being done.

The focus and categories for the Carnival were described in an earlier post.  That focus follows ...

T for Tools, totems and tangents

Toot your hoot with the tools that make your life with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities a life-in-progress. Tell your stories about the totems -- images, charms and sign-posts that tether you to your strength and serve as affirmation to the unique being you are. Tangents are the unexpected and often unplanned paths or off-shoots of a life planned; places and experiences that spontaneously happen because we are human and because MCS might have had something to add to the old 'normal.'

A for Allies, angels and angles

We are in this space ship together! No doubt, that there are times in each of our individual lives where we are lonely, and more often than we'd care to believe, MCS can become an isolating reality. Through the vessel of cyberspace -- the internet and blogging, the connection with Allies we could not have imagined become part of our net of belonging. Personal and collective angels come into our lives and a new and unplanned angle appears as many of us connect to the vast universe, the stairway to the nurturing celestial bodies or the sound of nature that persists inspite of the odds.

Share the allies, angels and unsuspecting angles that support you in your journey.

P for Prose, poems and prayers

Canaries, those of us who have included all manner of masks to shield or filter the toxic effects of others' choices also find creative expressions to make sense of life with change. The mask can also be an incredibly vibrant and beautiful second-skin or other face that says something grand/potent/humorous/gut-wrenching about our experiences at the moment. Story in prose, poems and prayers have long been a way for the human being to connect and communicate with the god/goddess/higher power within.

The Canary Caravan Carnival offers a circle for the stories that you have found, written or created to connect with that power that is ever present.

Three wonderful submissions for the Canary Caravan Carnival begin the T A P ... Tap Dance today.
Thank you Kay, Joan and "Anita"

T for Tool

"The Impact of MCS on Self-Esteem" by Kay McCarty opens the carnival.  Kay is Michigan-based, a woman recovering from EI/MCS.  Her article is written from the point of view of psycho-therapist and "canary."  This very beautifully written description of the process of readjustments to a culture whose values must be challenged as daily reality presents a new 'structure and form' is a great TOOL. 

A for Ally

"A guided visualization" by Joan Tucker follows up Kay's article drawing on one of the suggestions for using mediation to strengthen personal regard and esteem.  Joan is a personal ally.  She doesn't live with MCS, though she has experienced the affects of the environment on the life of a loved one, and has been a supporter over the long journey of discover and set-backs that has been my truth.

P for Poetry

Katrina has put her thoughts and reflections into poetry here in this flow of feelings.  She has beautiful photos, too which I am challenged to post because library access computers and navigating the energy of lots of scents and folks in the libary stretch my 'can do it-ness.'  Katrina the poem is right there!

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