Saturday, May 15, 2010


iT's been years since I've been at a carnival ... I believe it was Waimanalo on the windward coast of Oahu when last I enjoyed the thrill of a ride on the ferris wheel.  Seated with my dear Pete, we rode the ferris wheel and saw the tops of the iron woods and the inimitable turquoise of ke kai (the ocean) that is Waimanalo.  A ferris wheel is the most risky ride I take at carnivals, enjoying the slow pace of the merry-go-round my usual choice.

MCS would create new limits and structure to my adventure at a carnival; and yet here at the Langley Library I have ventured into public space to set up the Tent for The Canary Caravan Carnival.  It's a miracle I'm able to do this, I can tell you.  This library has been a god-send ... with low exposure I work the computer and don my mask to get through the scents.

A SPECIAL THANK-YOU GOES to Liberty, my MCS friend from Ontario for helping me to ride out the final day, Sunday, May 16th.  There are photos and posts that I cannot do from this library computer, and Liberty has offered to help me out.  She has a beautiful creative post to enjoy ... and will try to get a second photo-focused post up as well.  It's an exercise in trust for this old gal and to all who wonder how it's done all I can say is ... practice, practice, practice.

Hope the Carnival has something for your taste ... a tool to try, an angle or angel to invite into your practice, or a bit of prose, a photo or prayer that might be what you seek.  Many thanks to the seen and unseen guides that make life wonderful and diverse.  Or like Pete said to me as we were falling to sleep, "Hey, there are 7 dwarfs right?  NOt all of them is "Happy." 


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