Monday, May 24, 2010

Living with the Limits

Aloha all,

Pete and I have been living from VardoForTwo learning over and over again, the limits of a human reality and the the value of asking for help when the limits stop us.  There are thanks to be given, and then there is more work to do.

First, the thanks

1.  TO ALL WHO HAVE COME TO THE FIRST CANARY CARAVAN CARNIVAL.  Mahalo for making the click to our blog to read the stories, prose, tangents and angles shared during the three day MCS Awareness hoopla.  The Carnival attracted double the number of visits here ... so that's great news!

2.  IMPERFECT OPTIONS.  The library systems here in Washington and in other states we have be in, offer connectivity that many would not have otherwise.  For an EI-MCSer, the option is often difficult and imperfect ... the exposures to chemicals and fragrance are high.  With recovery and preparation (a mask, oxygen and timing and prayers) using these 'imperfect options' makes the effort of creating cyber-nections works with a price.

I am grateful to be able to do this.

3.  SUPPORT and LIFE on LIFE'S TERMS.  We are once again looking for our next safe space to live.  Our month-long oasis of a space here on Whidbey has been miraculous.  Thanks to Pete's operational skills:  this man knows how to do things ... we have successfully been in a safe place where rent is 'paid' through a percentage of cash and a larger percentage in work-trade.  Each step along the way, VardoForTwo and these two old dears with a kitty are having successes temporary though they have been, we have them to count. 

Support comes in degrees and from sources that are only as much as the source can offer.  It's not always what we hope for or need, and that's the part where we have to accept the limits and deal with them as a dealt hand and play the cards. 

We're learning more and more about life on life's terms and limits being real form and structure.  Like I know it would be great to have more time, and more freedom to keep my fingers moving on these keys/editing the blog and updating the sidebar so an Archive of The Carnival can be available for you readers and viewers.  The timer in the left-hand window ticks away, "21 minutes" and counting down.  With this mask and the stuffiness in my head today, a power greater than me is saying ... Easy Does It!  So, my spiritual progress is working if I listen to that voice inspite of my ears unable to hear much of anything from the otherside. 

Wish us good searching as we fill out applications and make connections on this island for our next successful place to be.  Gods willing the next will be a longer stay, shorter travel distance with fresh air, quiet and cooperative living arrangements abundant.

Blessed be you where ever you find yourself today,
Mokihana and Pete


linda said...

hey Mokihana...

Finally able to check in and see how you are faring.. Hoping you find "it" soon...
I'm in temporary and mixed circumstances too...
Just emerging from some neuro-toxic hells to many more unknowns.
Sending prayers for your safe sanctuary...

Mokihana and Pete said...

Good to hear from you friend, Linda ... mixed blessings are like the mixed plate specials served up at eateries. We are part of it; and send you prayers and laughter at it all. Take care Linda.
Aloha dear,